What is the procedure for 80G registration

Upload files

Printbox allows you to upload and print all common file formats. The files are converted to PDF format before printing. For a faster process and fewer errors, we recommend that you upload the files in PDF format whenever possible.

Uploading documents to Printbox is quick and easy. Registered users have several options to upload their files:

  • USB stick
  • e-mail
  • Website at.printbox.net
  • Printbox program for Windows
  • Printbox app for Android
  • Printbox library
  • scanner

When printing without registration, the files can only be uploaded via a USB stick, the Printbox library and the scanner.

Upload files from the USB stick

Plug the USB stick into the print box terminal and select »USB stick« in the menu on the left. Then select the file you want to print and click "Add to Print". The file is uploaded to the print queue and can therefore be printed out.

Upload files via email

You can also upload files to your Printbox user account via email attachments by sending or forwarding an email with an attachment to your Printbox email address for uploading files. Your email address for uploading files to your Printbox account is [email protected] Example: [email protected] Anyone can send files to this email address and add them to the print queue.

The size of the sent e-mail must not exceed 20 MB, otherwise the files will not be added to the print queue.

You can only upload files via email that are attached. Uploading can take a few minutes and depends on the size of the files.

All registered users receive a specific PIN number when they register. You will find this in the welcome email that you receive after registration and in the settings of your user account on the website at.printbox.net. If you are already logged on to a print box terminal, you will find your PIN on the print box terminal directly under "Help".

How do I reset the PIN?

You can find the PIN on the website at.printbox.net. reset to default. After logging in with your Printbox user account, select "Settings" and "Reset PIN" in the menu on the left.

Upload files via the website

Open the website at.printbox.net and log in. Registration is on the top right of the website. Then select »Add files«. Find and select the appropriate file on your computer and click "Upload".

Upload files via Printbox tools

We have provided two tools for uploading files to the Printbox user account, namely the Printbox program for Windows and the Printbox app for Android. You can learn more about the tools and how to use them to upload files here.

Payment and price list

All services of the Printbox system such as scanning, archiving, uploading, use of the Printbox tools and the like are free of charge. Only the printing of files is chargeable.

You can make payments in cash or by credit card at the print box terminals. The entire procedure is safe and quick. The price list for the Printbox services can be found on every Printbox terminal under »Price List« in the menu on the left. The price list for the Printbox services can also be viewed here. look at.

You can purchase Printbox credit as follows:

The Printbox Credit is the unit used to pay for Printbox services. 1 Printbox-Credit = 1 printed color or black and white page. As soon as you deposit money at the Printbox terminal, it is converted into the corresponding amount of Printbox credits according to the valid price list.

Purchase of Printbox credits in cash

After logging in to your Printbox user account, you can pay in cash simply by inserting coins or banknotes. The system recognizes the deposit and your Printbox credit is automatically topped up.

In the case of higher deposits, the entire deposit must be made in one session or within one registration in order to grant an additional discount or a lower price per loan. The unused credits are saved as credit in your user account and can be used later at any Printbox terminal.

Unregistered users choose "Unregistered User" and buy the appropriate number of credits in cash. The Printbox terminal does not give out any change, so the entire deposited credit must be used up. The unused credits are not saved when using without a user account.

The Printbox terminal accepts banknotes to the value of € 5, € 10 and € 20 and coins to the value of € 0.05, € 0.10, € 0.20, € 0.5, € 1 and € 2.

The print box terminal does not give out any change!

It is recommended to use a Printbox user account so that the Printbox credits can be saved and used later, or to pay the exact amount of money for printing.

  • The purchased Printbox credits are saved in your Printbox user account.
  • You can use your Printbox credits whenever you want at any Printbox terminal in Austria.
  • The expiry date of the Printbox credits is 2 years from the date of purchase.

Purchase of Printbox credits via bank transfer

Transfer the desired amount to our bank account (minimum amount is € 10). After the transfer, send us proof of payment to [email protected] Make sure that you enter the details of the user account for which the Printbox credit was purchased.

Our bank connection:

Bank: First Bank
IBAN: AT78 2011 1840 8369 4100

The Printbox Terminal does not issue any invoices for its services.

If you would like to receive an invoice for the Printbox credit you have purchased, send us an email to [email protected] with the following information.

  • user account
  • Amount of payment
  • Place of payment
  • Approximate payment time
  • Company information (in the case of a company invoice)
  • Email address to which the invoice should be sent

After successful verification of the payment, the invoice will be sent to the specified email address.

Purchase of Printbox credits with a credit card

The purchase of Printbox credits with a credit card can only be carried out on the website at.printbox.net. Log in with your Printbox user account and select »BUY CREDITS« in the menu on the left. Click on "Buy credits" and enter the number of Printbox credits required or the amount of the payment. If you enter the number of Printbox credits required, the system will show you the purchase price. When you enter the purchase price, the system shows you the number of Printbox credits for the respective purchase amount.

In the next step you have to enter details of your credit card (valid card number, expiry date and CVC code) and click on "Pay with your card" to confirm the purchase. You can check your online purchase and payment history in the "BUY CREDITS" menu.

What you need to know about buying with payment cards:

  • The service is only available for registered Printbox users.
  • Online purchases can be made with Visa, MasteCard, Discover and American Express credit cards.
  • The minimum purchase amount is 5.00 EUR or 20 Printbox credits.
  • The Printbox credits are available in your Printbox user account immediately after payment has been made.
  • You will find the invoice for your payment within the next working day in the print queue of your Printbox user account as a PDF form.

To press

Files are always printed on a print box terminal from the »print queue«. When you have added files to the print queue, you can print them out by clicking "Print Now". If you would like to make additional settings, you can do so under »More«, where you will find the following options:

  • Print individual pages
  • Print multiple copies of the same file
  • Print multiple pages per sheet
  • Fast print or better quality
  • Single-sided or double-sided printing (with double-sided printing, you can flip the pages over the shorter or longer edge)
  • delete data
  • File preview
  • Print to order


If you want to print a large number of pages (500 or more), you can order a print order. Select »Print to order« and insert your telephone number or send us an email to [email protected] Collection by the customer is only possible in Vienna, but you can also have the printed material sent to you by post (by last name, the customer will cover the postage costs)

to scan

Pull out the scanner and place the document on the scanner. You can use the glass surface under the scanner lid or the automatic feed of the scanner lid, with which you can scan on both sides.

Scanning with a flatbed scanner

Place the document you want to scan (book, paper, ID card, ...) with the writing side down on the surface. Make sure the document is parallel to the top-left of the glass and facing to the left. When scanning on the glass surface, individual PDF files are created that are not merged into one file, so double-sided printing is not possible.

Scanning with the automatic feeder

Place the documents (up to 40 sheets) face down in the automatic feeder.

On the screen of the Printbox station select »Scan« in the menu on the left, mark black and white or color and single or double sided scanning and select »Scan now«. When the scanning is complete and the document is digitally created, you can use Add to Print Queue to add it to the print queue.

The scanned document must be added to the print queue immediately after the scan is completed, otherwise it will be deleted after logging out. With this step it is saved to your Printbox user account and is ready to be printed out. Unregistered users cannot save the scanned documents.

Save scanned documents on the USB stick

First, add your scanned document to the print queue of your Printbox account. Select "MORE" and select "USB" below. Once your document is successfully saved on your USB stick, the confirmation message will appear at the top of the screen. Please insert the USB stick into the USB interface before you select the USB option.

Saving the scanned document on the USB stick is free of charge.

If the USB stick is write-protected or has insufficient storage space, you cannot save the scanned documents on the USB stick.

Send scanned documents via email

First, add your scanned document to the print queue of your Printbox account. Select "MORE" and select "EMAIL" below.

By selecting "E-MAIL", your selected document will be sent by e-mail with a download link to the e-mail address you provided when you registered. To download your scanned documents, click Download.

Sending scanned documents by email is free.


The process of copying in the Printbox kiosk consists of two steps. In the first step you scan the document and in the second step you print the document. To scan the document, follow the instructions for "Scanning". With a file selected in the print queue, you can start with the Print option. Additional print settings are described under "Print".

Virtual print box library

The virtual Printbox library is a collection of free literature that is available to registered and unregistered users at every Printbox terminal in Austria. Select "Library" in the left menu to scroll through the available literature. All literature is currently free, you only pay for the printout. The price for printing literature is the same as for printing other documents. You can have a look at the literature by selecting »Preview« and then making it available for printing with "Add to print queue". To print out the copy, all you have to do is click on "Print now".

User help

Help and support is available on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.:

01 9991112

[email protected]