Is there a dating culture in France

"Le pass Culture": France's Tinder for culture

In Tinder style, the "Le pass Culture" app aims to inspire young people in France for culture. When it comes to costs, President Macron also wants companies like Facebook, Google and Apple to be accountable

To the ballet? To the drum course? Or reserve tickets for a concert? In France, young people will in future be able to use the “pass Culture” app to choose which cultural event they want to attend. The offers are presented in the style of the dating app Tinder, with recordings of theater performances, book covers and film posters appearing on the display.

If there is no interest, the user swipes the respective image on the smartphone to the left. If a tip is liked, however, he swipes up and receives further information.

Culture pass with a credit of 500 euros

Every young person should receive this cultural pass from spring 2019. Associated with this is a credit of 500 euros on his 18th birthday. French President Emmanuel Macron wants to get young adults excited about the cultural values ​​of their country - and counteract political and religious fanaticism. In addition, the culture pass gives preference to local events.

The app users largely decide for themselves how they invest the credit amount. However, its algorithm is designed in such a way that it also regularly submits unusual suggestions, i.e. offers that differ significantly from the user's previous favorites - after all, the young people should be familiar with the Program also discover new cultural territory.

Lively black market trade with the discounts

Critics fear, however, that technology companies and the film industry in Hollywood could primarily benefit from the “pass culture”, while traditional cultural institutions or the independent scene would go away empty-handed. They point to bad experiences in Italy: In 2016, the “Bonus Cultura” was introduced there based on the same principle.

However, by far not all Italian young people took advantage of the offer, and the discounts resulted in a lively black market trade. And some shops even declared exercise books or game consoles as cultural assets.

One concept for the whole EU?

France wants to avoid these dangers: Pass holders are only allowed to spend limited bonus credits on pure sales platforms such as Amazon or for streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify.

In addition, President Macron wants to make the digital economy more responsible: The industry benefits from culture, but hardly invests in it.

That is why the private sector, including companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple, now bears 80 percent of the costs for the “pass culture”. In total, the pass costs around 430 million euros per year.

In the future, the concept could be expanded: Then young people across the EU would receive such a cultural passport.