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People are often asked what I am preferably about working online.
人 々 は オ ン ラ イ ン で 働 く こ と に つ い て 私 が一番 好 き なの か よ く 質問 さ れ ま す。
Miho is the girl that I am preferably like.
Kobe is the city that I preferably like.
You like that preferably.
What season do you like preferably?
What TV program do you like preferably?
Which subject do you like preferably?
I like this book preferably.
What cheese do you eat preferably to the wine?
ワ イ ン を 飲 む と き に 食 べ る 、お 気 に 入 りの チ ー ズ は 何 で す か。
Of all our subjects, we like English preferably.
Which sports do you like preferably?
What TV series do you like preferably?
Of the four seasons, summer is to me preferably.
I think most teenagers hear it preferably Rock music.
Which fruit do you like preferably?
And what i preferably wanted to do was sing.
I like the purple ones preferably.
How did you know I was the preferably have?
He wants to know what everyone preferably eats.
she got me preferably and touched me
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