Are French men attractive to American women

The combination of older women and young men: equally sought after

A recent study shows: Older women are also attractive to men from a sexual point of view. We know that in France too.

The French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron and his older wife Brigitte Trogneux Photo: dpa

Is Emmanuel Macron gay or not? Some call it so, others so. Actually it doesn't matter. The far more exciting detail in the biography of the French presidential candidate is his marriage. The socially liberal politician is married to his former French teacher, Brigitte Trogneux is a little older than him.

To be precise: 24 years. Macron is 39, Trogneux 63. That is the age difference of a generation. The two apparently don't care. Just like many men with a younger partner don't seem to care. The men almost never say: Your youthfulness turns me on so I feel like a teen again. More like something like: She has a good character.

The older-man-younger-woman constellation is so traditional that it is still lived more often than the opposite variant: older woman, younger man is still difficult. Many older women have nothing against younger lovers. And even young men can imagine being with an older woman, as a study from Finland now shows.

Men are flexible

The social psychologist Jan Antfolk from the University of Turku found that men are quite flexible about the age of the woman they want in their bed.

That's good news: women today are not just equal partners in work, family, and politics. But also in their sexual attractiveness. Older women are often denied this, and some feel overlooked in public. If a 25-year-old offers a 50-year-old his place in the subway, she would love to punch him.

Fitter and more relaxed

The combination of older women and younger men is a win-win situation: Many women over 50 are more agile, more active, more interested, more flexible than men of the same age - in every respect, including sexually. It annoys her when the equally old (or older) partner doesn't get up from the couch while she tries to go dancing. Older women are calm: they are over with the children.

Many younger men find this attractive and appealing. You benefit from the women's love of life, their experiences and their sexual ease. The women know how to do it, the men still have it. Macron may not become France's next president. But he knows how to make himself beautiful.