Where can I meet serious gay men

This is how you find Mr. Right and not just Mr. Right Now

There are happy gay couples who met on the Internet (Image: Flickr / David Goehring / by 2.0)

Getting on a gay sex date has never been easier - but how do you find the man for life online?

If you ask around in your circle of friends, the search for a steady partner via the various gay dating apps rarely seems to be crowned with success. "Fresh meat market", "It's all about F *****!", "A bunch of fakers and liars" - that's all you could find on Grindr, Planetromeo and Co. Almost anyone can tell a story about some dumbass whose non-existent address you searched for or who put you after hours of chat.

Often men who state in their profile that they are looking for Mr. Right are ridiculed by others or even ridiculed as cowards because they are supposedly only looking for Mr. Right Now. Does the Prince Charming exist in the gay online world only in our wet dreams? Or do the mostly paid dating sites and dating agencies alone help in the search for intimate togetherness?

As is well known, hope dies last, and viewed realistically one can seriously say: It's not that bad. On the contrary: The older ones among us who had to cope with their coming-out without the Internet will certainly remember how laborious and similarly frustrating the search for a partner via the media available at the time was. With classified ads in gay magazines with post office cards and monthly waiting for a few letters. There, too, there were idiots, rip-offs, dishonest people who wanted to get the next fresh meat

The rules of the game in the gay online world

Grindr, Hornet and Jack'd, but also gay-Parship, Gleichklang or neu.de, are a blessing for the gay community in this regard. Of course, there are differences on the Internet in the way you approach each other, how you interact with each other, and how you get to know each other. But if you master these rules of the game, it will also work in the gay online world.

Rule number one: don't expect too much and don't put yourself under pressure. A potential partner can show up after a week, but maybe months. Your profile is a business card that should show who and how you're on it. Its design therefore requires a little effort and care. Important rules here are: Be sincere. If, at the age of 50, you want to call yourself a boy, if you make yourself 20 kilos lighter, if you pretend to be photos of models as yours, you are only proving that you are not at peace with yourself and you will have little success.

You don't look for a relationship with cock pics

Be clear about what you are looking for on dating apps. Anyone who wants a relationship, but only shows pictures of his cock and always goes online with the status "sex" (then more people land on the profile), shouldn't be surprised to only be invited to sex dates.

Be polite. Would you say in the face of a man who speaks to you in a friendly manner in the bar: "Fuck off, you stupid pig?" Unfortunately, nettiquette is disregarded far too often in the chat. If you are nice to others, they will be nicer to you too!

On dating sites and matchmaking portals, the targeted search for similar interests makes sense, but on Grindr you should forget about the computer search. The precise search for men with preset characteristics from tail length to origin is only an apparent advantage. Many couples who have met in real life know to report that completely different things were decisive in choosing someone than an age under 29 or a tail length from XXL. And the man of your dreams can also live more than a kilometer away.

If you find someone interesting, approach them, but then outside of the virtual world. Then it will "click" there too! (cw)