Age difference is really a big thing

A study from Emory University in Atlanta turned into a larger study about3,000 pairs asked about their age difference. The result: the greater the age difference, the greater the likelihood of separation! We also asked boys and girls on the street how big they think the age difference should be.

If the age difference is more than five years the probability of separation is 18 percent. Ten years Age difference shows a 39 percent probability of separation. Very blatant: Who more than 20 years When it comes to age, there is a 95 percent chance that you will split up.

But what age is perfect? That too was tested - couples that only a year are apart, their separation probability is just three percent. Of course, other factors such as interests, dream woman, origin, etc. also play a role - but it is interesting to see the results of the study.

What do boys & girls say on the street?

We interviewed other teenagers on the street for you. The Opinions went apart quite a bit! It was clearly shown that girl to this topic think differently than guys. In a relationship, girls usually want the Friend is older than herself age difference be up to 5 years. Most would like to no younger Have partner. This is probably also due to the fact that girl often something more mature feel as it is the guys are their age.

The Guys opinion on the other hand, something diverges and often relates to the respective age group. guys between 12 and 14 want more peers or olderGirlfriends, from 14 upwards they are Age differences not so important. Whether younger or older. If it fits, then it fits!

True love knows no age

But in one thing they are all together Some, both girls and boys: The The age difference must not be too great. Most people think more than 5 years is too much.