What is the demand for quants

Innovation contributes significantly to strengthening our Quant offer

Weili Zhou: “Not in the foreseeable future. It is true that very large amounts of money have gone into factor-based strategies. In addition, the performance of certain factors could come under pressure for some time. These two arguments are often used to advocate alternative signals and strategies, citing that there may be “overcrowding” of “traditional” factors. "

“As an active investing asset manager, we see this as an opportunity rather than a threat. In our view, 'overcrowding problems' have more to do with how factors are implemented in generic strategies. These often follow the simple textbook definition of factors and invest in transparent stock market indices or carry out stock trades a few days a year. "

“Outstanding strategies require constant improvement of signals, optimization processes and execution. And innovation makes a significant contribution to improving our offering and making our business scalable. We don't mean that machines can completely replace people in research. Under human supervision, however, machines can help to recognize or even explain new patterns, which are often not linear. "

“In addition, machines can make research much more scalable. With the help of AI and automation, things that used to take a day can be done in an hour. This all explains why Robeco invests so much in these areas. These are really broad-based efforts in which not only our company's researchers but also many other employees are involved. "