Can we mix different motor oils

Can you mix different engine oils together?

Can you mix engine oils with one another?

In principle, nothing speaks against mixing engine oils with one another. However, you should pay attention to a few points here, as modern engine oils have now been developed for different requirement profiles and in some cases especially for individual types of cars.
- The different engine oils should be used in the same engine concept.
- In principle, synthetic and mineral oils can also be mixed with one another.
- Only mix oils with the same quality and viscosity (e.g. SAE 5w-40). This is the only way to guarantee that the quality is not inferior (watered down).
- Only mix oils with the same approvals from the vehicle manufacturer (e.g. VW 502 00 or MB 229.71).
What can happen if I mix two completely different oils together?
Do I mix an engine oil with a lower performance profile than the engine oil prescribed by my vehicle manufacturer. It can even cause damage to the engine.
If I mix and use a motor oil with a higher performance profile (when topping up oil), this is problem-free in most cases.
Can I mix a 4-stroke engine oil with a 2-stroke engine oil?
2-stroke and 4-stroke engine oil must never be mixed with one another. In this case, engine damage is inevitable in the vast majority of cases.
If you are out and about in your car and you absolutely have to top up some engine oil, you can usually help yourself and top it up with any engine oil (better than driving without or with too little oil). However, you should avoid this if possible and only use an oil of the same quality and the same manufacturer approvals.
It is therefore advisable to always have 1L of the appropriate engine oil in the trunk.
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