What are some websites like SwagBucks

Swagbucks in the test: our experiences

Just make some money on the side while surfing the Internet - sounds too good to be true? Online portals that promise just that are sprouting up like mushrooms at the moment. One of them is the American company Swagbucks.

We have subjected the platform to an extensive practical test and want to share our Swagbucks experiences with you here. In this report you will find out

  • who is actually behind the portal and whether Swagbucks is serious
  • how the registration works
  • what offer the platform offers
  • how the payout works
  • whether it's really worth it

How does Swagbucks work?

Swagbucks is not that easy to explain in one sentence: On the one hand, the provider provides cashback discounts, as you may be familiar with from gas stations and various online shops. You can also earn points by completing market research surveys. And the portal even promises cash for watching videos, Internet searches and online games - so you can make money from ordinary Internet activities! You can then exchange your "Swagbucks" - that's the name of the internal currency - for vouchers, or you can have the amount paid out to your PayPal account.

Is Swagbucks Reputable?

Behind Swagbucks there is neither a windy letterbox company nor a delicate start-up plant. The platform belongs to the American online and media giant Prodege LCC, which operates numerous other established brands such as ShopAtHome. Swagbucks now has 20 million members worldwide and, according to its own information, paid out over 309 million US dollars in bonuses to users - that corresponds to around 270 million euros.

Signing up and becoming a member of Swagbucks is completely free for users - so you go no financial risk a. The platform is financed through advertising income. Just like numerous other Internet platforms, Swagbucks receives commissions for arranging deals or surveys. The company passes part of its advertising income on to its users - a fair deal, as we think!

According to its own information, the platform adheres to international market research standards such as ESOMAR, CASRO and MRA. We also take this as an indication that Swagbucks is reputable.

The conditions

Almost anyone who spends time online can register with Swagbucks - all they need is a valid email address. Even for minors from 13 years the platform is open. Since the money earned is paid out in the form of shopping vouchers and PayPal credit, you don't even need a checking account.

This is how registering at Swagbucks works

The registration with Swagbucks was done in no time at all in our test. You simply enter your email address on the Swagbucks homepage (www.swagbucks.de), choose a password and confirm it. Then simply click on the confirmation link that you will receive by email - done. Alternatively, you can simply log in with your Facebook account.

If you want to have your credit paid out on PayPal, you must have the same e-mail address on both platforms!

This is how the website is structured

Our first Swagbucks experiences have been consistently positive: the portal is clearly laid out and user-friendly, and the design of the website looks fresh. The menu is located on the left-hand side of the start page, from here all essential areas can be called up.

At the bottom left we find a so-called "To do list". These are nothing more than suggestions that can be worked through. For this, the portal promises a few extra points as a reward.

You can call up your own user account via a small button at the top right. Here you can, among other things, see the current self-service point balance and specify what you want to be notified about by email.

Getting started at Swagbucks

As a freshly baked "Swaggernaut" - that's what the portal calls its users - you can get started right away and get your own earn first Swagbucks (SB). To take full advantage of Swagbucks, we recommend the following:

Complete the user profile completely

Swagbucks gives us one free gift for filling out the user profile 50 SB. So it's worth investing a few minutes. With complete information, you will also be offered more suitable surveys later.

Install Swagbutton

Jump to install the so-called swag button another 50 SB out. What is it about? The swag button is a plug-in that you install in your browser. The purpose is to earn points even if you are simply surfing the Internet and not directly opening the Swagbucks website.

The swag button works either in Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer (from version 7). After you have installed it, you can see the small blue Swagbucks symbol at the top of the browser toolbar. If you move the mouse pointer over it, a small field opens in which you can call up various functions:

  • Search: Swagbucks can easily be used as a standard search engine via the search bar, which continuously earns points!
  • Notifications: As soon as exclusive surveys, discounts or vouchers are available, a notification pops up.
  • Redeem swag codes: The redemption of codes is also time-saving via the swag button.

Install the Swagbucks app

Swagbucks offers one free app for ios and Android. To download it, just go to www. swagbucks.com or directly on Google Play. With the app, you can use the portal on your mobile phone or tablet at any time. The only downside: The "swag button" is currently not available in the mobile version. According to its own information, Swagbucks is working on a comparable function for the app.

What is Swagbucks offering?

With Swagbucks you can in the following ways earn money:

  • Shop online and receive cashback, discounts and vouchers
  • participate in surveys
  • use the Swagbucks search engine
  • Watch Videos
  • Try online games
  • participate in partner offers
  • participate in promotions
  • to invite friends

Receive cashback

You can't make money directly with online shopping at Swagbucks - but you can save a lot! The basic principle is simple and works in a similar way to the Paypack system at supermarket or gas station checkouts: You buy from partner shops and receive a bonus that is credited to your Swagbucks account.

As a passionate online shopper, you will find everything your heart desires on Swagbucks: More than 1,000 partner shops cooperate with the portal, including all the online giants such as Amazon, Ebay, Zalando, etc.

Simply switch the search field at the top left from "Web" to "Shop" and search directly for the retailer you want to buy from. Depending on the shop, the cashback discount in our test was an average of 1 to 5 SB per euro spent (1 to 5 percent). A purchase of 50 euros brings you up to 250 self-service (around 2.50 euros)!

Sometimes you can even get more: Under Swagbucks TOP DEALS you will find shops where you get the highest cashback in Germany - in our test it was up to 10 percent! The shops change weekly, so it's worth checking in more often.

After shopping, however, you have to be a little patient: It can take up to 32 days for the credit to actually end up in your own user account. However, you can always check in your account where you have bought and how many SB are still outstanding.

Make money with surveys

Tired of annoying market researchers who call you on your cell phone and just want to steal your time? Then let yourself be paid in future to add your mustard to various topics! Paid surveys are one of the most lucrative ways to make money on Swagbucks in our experience. You can find current surveys either on the left in the page navigation under "Answers". Or let yourself be invited to current surveys by e-mail (simply tick in your user account under Settings -> Notifications). In the overview you can see how long the survey lasts and how many self-service you get for it. On average, you need 10 minutes to fill out a survey - it works perfectly on the go or while you are waiting for your lecture.

Don't take any poll. Some are badly paid, for example 10 SB for 10 minutes is pretty little. On the other hand, there are so-called gold surveys in which you cash off a lot - up to 50 euros can be worth your opinion!

What we didn't find so great: Every now and then a survey is canceled after a few minutes because certain access criteria are not met. At this point you have already invested a few minutes. Sometimes there is at least a consolation bonus of 1 SB for this.

If you fill out your user profile completely, you will receive more suitable surveys!

Swagbucks search engine

How often do you look for something on the internet each day? 10 times, 20 times or even more? Then get paid for it from now on! Regardless of whether you are looking for the current weather report, opening times or current special offers: If you switch your search to Swagbucks, you can earn money with it.

If you don't want to go directly to the Swagbucks page every time, you can simply use the swag button to search. Or set Swagbucks as the default search engine in your browser.

How many points a search query earns you is very different: Sometimes 10 SB are credited, then again 2 SB and sometimes even a lot more - according to the company up to 100 SB per search query possible.


A pretty relaxed way to earn some extra self-service is by watching videos. From cat videos to music to health and politics, there is something for almost everyone here. Some video suggestions will be shown immediately on the overview page, but you will find a lot more on the left under "Watch". In addition to German videos, international, English-language playlists are also available.

Usually 5 videos are combined in a playlist. To get your bonus, you have to look at them all - that gives you about 1 SB. So you won't get rich with it, but you don't have to do too much to get it.

You don't really need to watch the videos! Simply open it in its own tab, mute the sound and you can surf, work or study next to it. All you have to do is switch to the Swagbucks tab every few minutes to click the new video. By the way, the timer jumps to "watched" after the advertisement and you don't even have to let the video run until the end.


Yes, you will even be rewarded for gambling on Swagbucks! The games offered are called, for example, Swag Jump, Swagasourus or Swag Memory. Up to 10 SB per day are in it this way - that's not a fortune either, but easy money, if you like to play anyway. Don't worry if you get bored of a game: the bonus will be credited to you after a few seconds.

Discover partner offers

Under "Discover", Swagbucks brings together offers from partner companies. In some cases, you can earn self-service here directly, for example by installing an app or registering with another portal. That's pretty easy money. But be careful not to fall into a subscription trap!