How can I complain about illegal factory

Tesla factory: Allegedly illegal pipe laying in Grünheide for months

Grünheide - US automaker Tesla allegedly laid pipes on the construction site for the planned Gigafactory in Grünheide for months without waiting for government approval. That comes from a report by Business Insider. In its joint research with “Frontal 21”, the medium invokes corporate circles.

The company actually needed a building permit for the sewer pipes, which were laid at a depth of three meters. According to the report, these were single-walled, welded pipes. According to environmental experts, industrial wastewater could get into the surrounding drinking water protection area through these pipes.

Musk criticized German bureaucracy and slowness

The illegal laying of the pipes was exposed on March 25, 2021. A construction freeze followed, which was lifted on April 12th. The Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment is currently examining the initiation of fine proceedings against Tesla.

Tesla boss Elon Musk complained in a statement at the end of March about the slowness and bureaucracy of the German authorities. This would be in "direct contrast to the urgency necessary to combat climate change," said Musk. By then, the company had been laying the pipes for weeks.