Female Kaengurus are born with a pouch

Bennett kangaroo

Macropus rufogriseus

The Bennett kangaroo enclosure is accessible to our visitors! Other species of kangaroo that live in the Hannover Adventure Zoo are the red giant kangaroos and the swamp wallabies.


Forests and bushes of Australia

75 cm high

Gestation period
30 days, too big for the bag with 280 days

Grasses, herbs

up to 26 kg

Life expectancy
up to 15 years in human care

Practical bag

Only female kangaroos have a pouch. In this, the young animal with Bennett Kangaroos is carried for 9 months. There it is not only protected and always with its mother, but also has a teat and is suckled. It leaves the comfortably warm bag more and more often with advancing age and at 14-17 months it is finally time to move out. The mother weans the little one and it now has to 'hop' on its own two feet.


The male wallabies can tell from the smell whether a female is ready to mate. If this is the case, sometimes up to 7 males will gather around the female and pursue her. Wherever she goes, she pulls a cluster of wallabies behind her. Usually a dominant male is there, defending them and claiming them for himself. After 16-29 days, a small embryo is born and crawls into the pouch.


The scientific name of the kangaroo family is Macropodidae. This sounds complicated at first, but it has an obvious German meaning. 'Macros' is Greek for big and 'podos' is Greek for foot. Thus, the kangaroos are simply called 'big feet' and why this name was chosen by the scientists is clear to everyone at first glance.

Kangaroos in Europe

The Bennett kangaroo is "winter hardy", even slight minus degrees are no problem. It is therefore not surprising that animals have been released from time to time in Europe or escaped from their holdings and that smaller populations have been able to maintain themselves even at Central European temperatures and in some cases have reproduced quite successfully. There are some wild kangaroos in England, Scotland and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Kangaroo? Wallaby?

In Australia, by the way, only the giant kangaroo species are called "kangaroo", all medium-sized and small ground kangaroos are called "wallaby". The small, peaceful Bennett kangaroo is gray-brown and has red fur on the neck and shoulders. Hence it is also called the red-necked wallaby. The white line from the nose to the eyes is characteristic.