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«Anna fulfills wishes» - That was the first season

1. Play handball with two professionals

13-year-old Lya is passionate about handball. Her greatest wish was to meet the players of the Swiss national team one day. Her friend Lara knew that too, Link opens in a new window and told Anna about her friend's great wish. Soon after, Romy Morf and Catherine Csebits showed up in Lya's handball training session - and the first surprise was a success.

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In this “SRF Kids” program, presenter Anna Zöllig makes the impossible possible. It fulfills the heartfelt desires of your friends. You can submit wishes here.

2. A day in the recording studio

Joy sometimes entertains her friends with her singing during the break. She'd dreamed of recording a song in the recording studio for a long time. That's why her friend Lena, Link opens in a new window, got in touch with Anna, and together they surprised Joy after school. She was allowed to record the song “079” in the recording studio - and then even met Luc from Lo & Leduc!

3. Take off for a day

Jamin is passionate about airplanes, Link will open in a new window. The 10-year-old could stand at the airport for hours and watch the big planes take off and land. Together with his sister Merisa, Link opens in a new window Anna surprised him and took him on an exploration tour at the airport for a day. From the flight simulator to the runway and then to the Airbus A380 - everything was there.

4. Enter the stadium with your favorite player

Nando, Link opens in a new window is a huge YB fan. Thanks to Anna and his sister Malena, Link opens in a new window, he was able to walk into the stadium holding the hand of his favorite player Guillaume Hoarau and then enjoy the match. He not only met his favorite player, but the entire Young Boys team.

Do you also want to surprise a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Then report the wish of your friend or sibling to «SRF Kids» presenter Anna - maybe you will soon be part of «Anna fulfills wishes» yourself!

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