How do I have a sex reassignment

Gender reassignment - article on the topic


Body and ID say one thing, but your own gender is different? Then the registered gender changes via the TSG, says the BGH - but a reform of this law is absolutely necessary, thinks Jessica Heun.

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A new law in Hungary prohibits changing civil status and first names. This particularly affects transgender and intersex people, whose rights Prime Minister Orban is thus further curtailing.

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According to a draft law of the BMJV, gender-changing operations in children are to be banned if they are not medically indicated. After that, the decision should be left to the children until they have "the necessary maturity".

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After some controversy in the black and red federal government, the bill is now available. In the future there should be a third gender in the birth register. That doesn't go far enough for the opposition and those affected. Read more


The UK did not recognize it until 2014 when men married to a woman became women themselves. Because this also has consequences for the pension, the case ended up in court. Now it was the turn of the ECJ. Read more


In order to have their names and gender changed, transsexuals have to be assessed twice. Does that violate personal rights? No, according to the BVerfG: The assessment is not based on the assumption that transsexuality is an illness. Read more


Changing the first name and gender in the ID card - this involves a lot of effort for transsexuals. However, the state must not ask them to operate, the ECtHR has now decided. Read more


North Carolina passed a law that will only allow transgender people to use toilets that match the gender on their birth certificate. The Washington government sees this as a case of discrimination - and ... Read more