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You are looking for an answer to the question: What is social work? Then you are exactly right here. We offer you a definition and an overview of social work and explain what a social worker does.

Social work promotes the social development of people and their self-determination. Social justice, human rights and respect for diversity are the foundations of social work. She encourages people to actively shape their lives.

But what does that mean exactly? Social work is a mixture of social education and social work. That means, social work gives people Assistance in difficult life situations and encourages them to face the challenges in their life. To achieve this, various methods are used in social work, such as individual case work. One-on-one discussions are held, individual possible solutions are shown and the next steps are planned. The problem situations can be very different. Addictive behavior, excessive demands on childcare, debts or homelessness are part of it.

In social work there is the so-called Triple mandate. This mandate states that a social worker must consider the interests of several parties. This includes the client, the state and the profession. He must therefore take into account the wishes of those who need help, while protecting the interests of the state and representing their own ethics and human rights. Here is a concrete example:

One child is neglected and the youth welfare office was turned on. The social worker now has to find a way to support the parents in coping with the grievances and enable the child to grow up safely. At the same time, he must adhere to the requirements of the youth welfare office and the legal situation and take into account that the state wants a cost-effective solution. Above all other interests, however, is compliance with ethical and human rights.

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What does a social worker do?

Since there are countless and very different problems in life, the work of a social worker is also very varied. The main focus in his area of ​​responsibility is Advice and support for people or groups of people in difficult everyday situations. Such a situation can, for example, be excessive demands on childcare or a family quarrel. People with drug problems or other addictions can also find help from social workers.

In addition to looking after people, social workers have a lot of organizational, administration and planning to do. They create files to document and analyze the various cases and use them to develop measures and methods to help their clients. In addition to non-profit institutions, social workers also work in public authorities such as the youth welfare office, advice centers or the penal institution.

Social work or social education?

Social work is closely related to education, social management and social psychology. It is particularly closely related to social education. Often social work and social education are even used as synonyms for each other. Therefore, the following is a brief overview of the most important differences:

Social work includes social pedagogy and is more generalistic. It includes everyday support for people and provides assistance in various problematic situations. This means that social work takes care of problems that have already arisen and reacts to them with various solutions.

Social pedagogy places the main focus on prevention. The focus of this discipline is education, as many problems can be recognized and prevented even in children and adolescents. While social workers are also out and about on the street, social pedagogues often work in schools or in state institutions such as youth welfare offices.

You want to start studying and are wondering: social work or social pedagogy? We are happy to help you. You will find all the important information about the two courses on our course pages for the social pedagogy course and the social work course.

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