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Hinata Uzumaki[10] (born Hyuuga, 日 向) was born as the lineage holder of the famous Hyuuga clan. She is the cousin of Neji Hyuuga, but unlike him, she is from the main family of the Hyuuga clan. She has a younger sister, Hanabi Hyuuga. Hinata has mastered the Byakugan, the Kekkei Genkai of the Hyuuga clan, but not nearly as well as Neji. She is very shy because she never wanted the attention her clan pays to her and could not meet her father's expectations. She is in love with Naruto and admires him because he never gives up, so she has set herself the same goal as him: never to give up. As in The Last and the epilogue shows, Naruto returns her love.


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As a child

In her childhood, Hinata had only slightly shorter hair, which made her small face appear even rounder, large eyes and red cheeks. She wore a beige to pink kimono or, when training with her father, a one-piece tracksuit.

As a genin

Like every member of the Hyuuga clan, Hinata has white eyes and her blue-black hair is short - only two strands reach her chin. She wears her headband unconventionally around her neck. Furthermore, she wears a hip-length, beige hooded jacket with a white fur edge, including a purple shirt[11] with power supply and blue three-quarter trousers with typical ninja sandals of the same color. A gun bag is attached to the right thigh.

As chunin

As Chunin, during the plot of Naruto Shippuuden, she has let her hair grow long and is now wearing an elongated, white-purple jacket and blue, ankle-free trousers. Black ninja sandals complete the outfit. Just like other ninja, Hinata has found her way of wearing her headband: yours always hangs around her neck. She also has a pocket on her right thigh to store her weapons. During the fourth Shinobi World War, Hinata exchanged her outfit, like everyone else, for a uniform chunin / jonin vest.


The Last

After two years, Hinata wears her hair even longer - the chin-length strands have also grown. As a top she wears a kind of lilac-colored, horizontally striped top, with a wide band around the waist, and dark blue shorts underneath. In addition, knee-high, black boots and thin, dark tights. Her gun bag is still on her right thigh. In her free time, she wears a pink T-shirt with a gray sweater underneath and a long, white and pink striped skirt. Under this one ankle-free leggings and pink sandals. When the temperature is colder, she puts on a light purple jacket with a fur hood.

As an adult

This appearance changes a lot in the epilogue: she no longer looks like a Kunoichi, but like a simple civilian. This is due to the missing headband and the flared, purple tunic with a white, long-sleeved blouse underneath. She only stayed true to the blue three-quarter trousers. So she now wears everyday clothes. This change, especially without the long, "uncool" jacket, makes her look much more adult. She now appears like a mother who no longer regards ninja life as a priority. Even after the epilogue, during Naruto Gaiden and Boruto the Movie, she wears everyday clothes and has now shortened her hair to shoulder length, which underlines her growing up.[12] In contrast, her clothes with the short, green trousers, the lilac-colored jacket and the white sweater look less adult than, for example, those of her former classmate Sakura of the same age.


Hinata is a friendly, polite but also very quiet, introverted and shy person with little self-confidence. She is particularly shy around Naruto: she blushes quickly and can hardly utter a word. In the worst case, she may even pass out. However, she also showed her courage when she stood up against Pain and confessed her love to Naruto. So Hinata is able to come out of herself if she has a very valid reason. In Shippuuden, her introverted and shy nature has not changed, but she now has considerably more self-confidence in her strength and no longer tries to avoid eye contact or to play with her fingers.


Hinata is the older daughter of Hiashi Hyuuga, the head of the Hyuuga clan. As his firstborn, she is the lineage holder. From the beginning, Hiashi had high expectations of his daughter and subjected her to long hours of arduous training. After a conflict between Kumogakure and Konohagakure ended, Hinata was kidnapped one night as a little girl by a ninja from Kumogakure in order to steal her Byakugan. Her father killed the kidnapper to save her, but Kumogakure has asked for Hiashi's body as compensation because of a peace treaty with the village that was signed just days before. But instead, her uncle, Hiashi's twin, sacrificed himself to protect the village and his brother. This event used to have a strong influence on the relationship with Hinata and Neji. One day Hinata should have a short training match against Neji, which she loses. Over the years, several clan members, as well as her father, began to doubt Hinata's abilities.

When they realized how strong Hanabi is, even though she is five years younger than Hinata, her father began to encourage her younger sister more. Hanabi thus replaced her sister, who was five years older than her, as the lineage holder. Hinata was deeply depressed by her father's repulsion and lost inheritance. It wasn't until she met Naruto that everything changed: one day in March, Hinata was humiliated by a group of three boys for her Byakugan. Naruto, who was watching the event, intervened and started insulting the boys. Then the three of them beat him up. Since then, Hinata has developed a strong admiration for Naruto and because almost everyone used to treat him badly in the village, she wanted to gain recognition too. Inspired by his decision to become Hokage and never give up, Hinata has finally decided to get even stronger and, like Naruto, never give up. Her admiration for Naruto eventually turned into love.

Shinobi training

Hinata successfully graduated from the Ninja Academy at the age of twelve and received the rank of genin. Then she is assigned to Team 8 together with Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame. Even though Hinata wanted to team up with Naruto, she was happy with her team. The team leader is Kurenai Yuuhi, a well-known Jonin and a Kunoichi from Konohagakure who just got the rank herself.

Training under her father

In her early years, Hinata was personally trained by her father and suffered from the frequent and hard hours of training with him. Despite exhaustion, Hinata always had to go beyond her limits in order to learn the basics of weapon handling, Tai-Jutsu and, above all, the techniques of the Hyuuga clan. When she joined the Ninja Academy, her father stopped training, among other things, in order to be able to concentrate on Hanabi, which in his eyes was significantly more talented and had already replaced her five-year-old sister as the regular owner. According to her father, Hinata has no leadership skills to run Shinobi. He says that she is just too soulful, as she used to be gentle even with an opponent in a fight.

Training under Kurenai

When Hinata became Genin, she formed Team 8 with Shino Aburame and Kiba Inuzuka. Her sensei was Kurenai Yuuhi. Personally, she had hoped to join the same team as Naruto, but much to her regret, this wish was not granted. The group has specialized in search missions. Team 8 is the perfect reconnaissance and detection team: a Hyuuga clan Kunoichi with the Byakugan, an Inuzuka clan Shinobi with his Nin-Ken and an Aburame clan member with his Kikaichuu. Thus, the team was often sent on search missions. Some missions the team got went wrong every now and then.

Hinata often blamed herself for this and trained more than the others to get stronger and better so that she would no longer be a burden to anyone. This behavior by Hinata was often valued and admired by Kurenai.


The Chunin selection test

Hinata made her first real appearance in the Chunin selection test. The first part is about a written test. She wants to help Naruto and let him copy it, but Naruto does not agree. In the second part of the trial, Hinata and her team members are in the forest of death. She has used her Byakugan several times to track down enemies. Following a strategy, Team 8 manages to defeat an unknown Shinobi team and receive the appropriate scroll to be admitted to the second test. On the way to the Chunin Tower, Hinata and her comrades barely escape Gaara. In the selection competitions, she is very afraid of her cousin Neji Hyuuga, who has a grudge against Hinata because she belongs to the main family and, according to him, has always had it easy. Hinata gives everything in the fight and forces himself to his feet a few more times despite severe injuries, but is ultimately defeated by Neji. So she did not pass the exam. She watches the rest of the exam as a pure spectator. When Naruto fought Neji, she had not fully recovered from her fight and needed medical treatment.

This information only occurs in the anime:

The search for the track beetle

Naruto tries everything to find Sasuke, but he doesn't know where he is. But Shino has an idea: The best trackers are not ninja dogs, but a very special type of beetle that is difficult to find. But these bugs can pick up even the faintest scent and trace it back to its source. Tsunade sends Shino, Kiba, Hinata and Naruto on a mission to track down these special beetles. But not only they are after the animal. After a few difficulties, including a huge decoy beetle with a special sense of smell, the team finally succeeds in finding the beetle they are looking for. During their search, however, they were observed by three members of the Kamizuru clan, as the Aburame clan is said to have almost completely destroyed their clan and the three are now trying to rebuild it, for which they need the beetle they are looking for. So they kidnap Hinata using a jutsu that uses bees to secrete extremely sticky honey if they are destroyed. The three kidnappers therefore want to meet with Shino and Co. to exchange ideas.

Hinata's companions want to hide the beetle, but are lured into a trap. Imprisoned in a cocoon, Hinata falls into a waterfall that flows into a cave with sharp rocks at the bottom. But she managed to escape. Meanwhile, Kiba, Akamaru, Shino and Naruto are held captive in beeswax cocoons. Just as Jibachi is about to kill Naruto, a Makibishi appears, which explodes and scares Jibachi. Hinata then appears and faces the trio to fight. With her determination and new technique, Hinata manages to defeat all three. But she has used up too much chakra and passes out. It is high time that the Spur Beetle is about to hatch and if you want to find Sasuke, the first thing the beetle has to sniff in its life is the smell of Sasuke. Unfortunately, a lot goes wrong, because Naruto drops Sasuke's headband between some trees and releases some body scents, which means that the beetle follows Naruto every step of the way.

Hinata in Naruto Shippuden

Hinata rose to be a chunin in the two and a half years that Naruto was on a training trip. Her nature has actually not changed, so she is still very shy. Hinata sees Naruto again when he is looking for members on a mission. But she and her team cannot help Naruto because they have to go on another mission themselves. When Naruto was talking to Kiba and Shino, Hinata was hiding behind a fence. She was very excited and even thought about what to say when she meets Naruto again. When Naruto quickly appears behind the fence and sees Hinata again after the two and a half years, she suddenly passed out, which confused him a little. As Hinata just wakes up again, Naruto speaks to her again and tells her that she should come with me now. Again Hinata understands the wrong thing and confuses it with something else. Then she begins to blush and she passes out again. Then Kiba tries to wake her up again. Together with her team, Hinata set off on their new mission.

In an eight-man team

Hinata and her team accompany Team Kakashi in search of Sasuke Uchiha after Konoha got word that he had Orochimaru