What is a good freshwater fishing lure

Fishing bait: test & recommendations (05/21)

Our approach

A fishing lure is one of the most important things in fishing and therefore has a very long history. For years people have been using a wide variety of means to attract fish. In addition to natural baits, new artificial baits are constantly being developed and improved.

Thus, the modern anglers have a wide choice. But how do you find the bait that suits you and that promises good prey? In the end, every Petr disciple dreams of always returning home with a plentiful catch.

We would like to advise you on the subject of “fishing lures” because we know exactly that a real bait contributes a lot to success. With our big fishing lure test 2021 we would like to help you to find the best fishing lure sets.

Here you will not only learn what types of bait there are and which fish they are best suited for, but also how to use them. You will also find some valuable tips in our guide.

the essentials in brief

  • The natural and artificial lures represent the two basic types of fishing lures. The first are ideal for non-predatory fish, are cheap and easy to use. The second ones require more previous knowledge, but reward you with the large predatory fish catch and offer a huge selection.
  • The most popular and universal artificial baits include spoons, rubber baits, spinners, wobblers and flies. You can use it to outsmart most predatory fish.
  • Lure guidance is very important. You have to throw out blinkers and spinners and overtake them at the same speed. With the soft bait and wobbler, alternating, short movements are recommended. You can let the fly bait drift well on the water surface.

Fishing lure test: editors' favorites

The best fishing lure in set form

The Vicloon 120 PCS Fishing Lure Set is a well thought-out mix of the most popular types at an affordable price. The transparent box contains 120 fishing lures and other accessories.

The separate compartments make it easy to store the bait and take it with you on a fishing trip. Thanks to this colorful mix of shapes and colors, you will find something for every situation and for every fish.

This set is best for the beginners. Right at the beginning you get a plentiful selection and can start trying it out. But even experienced anglers will appreciate this bait box. So if you are looking for a diverse range, check out this set.

The best fishing lure as a blinker

With the Zite Fishing Trout-Spoon Set you get 12 high quality spoons. These are ideal for catching trout, perch and char. The gold and silver colors provide a special light reflection for a better attraction of the fish.

The sharp hooks promise a quick and secure grip. A plastic box facilitates transport and storage.

If the blinkers are one of your favorite types of bait, then give them a try. Well-crafted baits accompany you on a predatory fish hunt. A trout will not resist the blinker.

The best fishing lure as a wobbler

The Magreel wobbler set consists of 5 extremely realistic fish lures. A built-in gravity ball allows you to throw the bait over a long distance. In addition, this ball makes noises that attract the fish.

The first-class treble hooks don't give the prey a chance. This set offers a wide range of uses in terms of waters and fishing techniques. The baits are also suitable for many predatory fish.

Both hobby and professional anglers are convinced of this wobbler set. So if you are looking for lifelike deceptions with the bait, you will not be disappointed here. We can only recommend such quality to you.

The best fishing lure for large predatory fish

Savage Gear Real EEL Loose Body (15, 20, 30 or 40cm), length: 30cm, color: Glow

There are eels in 15cm, 20cm, 30cm & 40cm to choose from
Package content length 15cm: 3 Savage Gear Real Eel rubber fish, 1 * 4g jig hook
Package content length 20cm: 2 Savage Gear Real Eel rubber fish, 1 * 5g jig hook size. 7/0, 1 * 7cm stinger with treble hook size. 2
Package content length 30cm: 2 Savage Gear Real Eel rubber fish, 1 * 6g jig hook size. 8/0, 1 * 9cm stinger with treble hook size. 2/0
Package content length 40cm: 1 Savage Gear Real Eel rubber fish, 1 * 9g jig hook size. 12/0, 1 * 11.5cm stinger with treble hook size. 3/0

The Real Eel Loose Body fishing lure from Savage Gear is an eel-shaped rubber fish, which is ideal for fishing for catfish and large pike. It is the ideal fishing lure for pike and other large predatory fish. It is good for casting, vertical fishing and trolling.

The Real Eel Loose Body fishing lure is available in sizes 15, 20, 30 or 40 centimeters. It is also malleable after heating in boiling water. The fishing lure, which is supplied with very sharp and stable hooks, does not give the prey a chance.

The best fishing lure for salt water

The Savage Gear fish-shaped fishing lure is available in many different sizes, colors and weight classes. It is one of the most popular baits for many predatory fish. The Sandeel bait is 100 percent saltwater bait. It is made of saltwater-proof material and carbon steel hooks.

This type of bait is great for casting, vertical fishing, and trolling.
The scope of delivery includes two rubber fish and a jig hook. The customers especially praised the fantastic swimming properties of the bait. If you have a keen interest in vertical saltwater fishing, this lure is the right choice.

The best fishing lure as a spinner

The 16-piece PLUSSINO spinner set is a true lover item. The baits made with creativity and love primarily animate large predatory fish. The premium quality blade offers continuous vibrations that stimulate the senses of the target fish.

The anglers can look forward to the mobile carrier bag. This is so compact that you can also attach it to your trouser belt. So you have everything in the immediate vicinity and nothing is lost.

The set is best used in running water. Are you after a pike? Then grab it! By the way, it's a great gift that not only looks good, but is also guaranteed to bring a lot of joy.

The best fishing lure in the form of rubber fish

The large RoseFlower rubber fish set leaves nothing to be desired among rubber bait seekers. In the box there are 301 parts including the imitations of fish, frogs, worms, seafood, fish hooks, jig heads and much more.

The rubber fish are perfectly shaped to outsmart a pikeperch, for example, with their movements in the water. A wide range of colors opens up many possible uses. The set is made of a high-quality ABS material and is environmentally friendly and odor-free.

This rubber bait set is recommended for everyone. A good price-performance ratio makes this offer particularly attractive. Beginners do not have to worry that they will be missing something while fishing. Experienced colleagues can really let off steam here and rediscover their love for soft baits.

The best fishing lure for professionals

MFB ProBox is something very special. The seller promises a plentiful selection of predatory fish baits. These are of top quality and are of particular interest to professionals. These boxes are filled individually, so you cannot know in advance what exactly is in them.

The good thing is, the exact same sets are never sent. A so-called surprise box is supposed to provide excitement and joy and pamper the connoisseurs with sophisticated baits. You can even take out subscriptions for 3, 6 or 12 months on the seller's side. So you get a new box every month and with the new bait treasure.

The price is a little higher than the other sets. However, very special specimens are promised here. So if you already have a standard selection of classic baits, you will certainly be very interested in this offer. The boxes are extremely popular with customers, so we recommend them to others.