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Cajun seasoning

Pure American southern flair!

The name "Cajun" originally comes from the French ethnic group from the USA. Gradually, however, it also became the general generic term for the cuisine of the Mississippi Delta. That is the Mississippi Bay including adjacent areas, from Illinois to the mouth of the river south of New Orleans. Incidentally, it is pronounced “Kay-tschen.

Where there is a river, there is also ...? Right - fish! This is why southern cuisine consists mainly of ingredients such as fresh fish and crayfish. Rice or sweet potatoes are served as side dishes - just like in one of the most famous local dishes, such as the gumbo stew. This is a particularly spicy dish made from rice and shrimp or poultry in a thick roux, as well as peppers, onions and celery. Jambalaya is also a spicy long-grain rice dish in Cajun cuisine, which could be described as a Mediterranean type of classic paella: they make a wide variety of meat and seafood such as ham, smoked sausage, chicken, pork, scampi and selected vegetables Food off.

What is Cajun?

Similar to Garam Masala, this is a spice mixture that consists of several finely composed individual spices. Black pepper, garlic and paprika provide the basis for most recipes, which are then further refined depending on tradition and taste.

For the Ankerkraut Cajun spice mix we also use white pepper, cumin, thyme, oregano, chilli, mustard flour, onion, cayenne pepper and fennel in addition to the basic ingredients mentioned. Some of these ingredients bring wonderful herbaceous notes into play, others a pleasant spiciness. All these spicy components not only go wonderfully with each other, but also with the traditional Cajun dishes jambalaya and gumbo. But even if you just want to add a little southern flair to fish, seafood or meat like chicken, you can use our spice mixture. With about a teaspoon of the composition you can get a good 250 grams of fish or meat. By the way, a sauce, such as a fiery Tabasco or Salsa sauce, is often combined with the Cajun seasoning. These underline the tingling of the chilli and bring pep to every dish.

The spice that defines the taste

Do you have a real appetite for Creole specialties from the heart of Louisiana and can't wait to start cooking? No problem, nothing is stopping you! On the contrary, with our spice mixture and the right instructions you can lay the foundation for homemade southern cuisine with a Cajun Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo. This hearty, spicy stew with aromatic andouille sausage or kabanossi as well as fresh vegetables and shrimp is not only powerful for the eye, but especially for the hungry tummy!

In addition to the traditional dishes, you can do even more with our spices - Cajun fries, for example. Firm potatoes are washed and cut into narrow sticks that are fried in vegetable oil. After they have been baked until they are nice and crispy golden-yellow, add a pinch of Cajun spice and you're done! Sounds simple, but it tastes fantastic. Add a nice dip, like a sour cream or a homemade sauce, and the BBQ side dish is ready for the next barbecue evening.

Other standard recipes can also be made even more delicious with a pinch of aroma from southern cuisine. A piece of tofu or a simple pan of vegetables are just a few. Mix it with a little oil to make a delicious Cajun marinade for grilled chicken and fish. A little tip: Since we make our spices for you without salt or sugar, you should use these two flavoring agents to season them if you miss them in your homemade dish. Of course, we also do without flavor enhancers and additives, but nobody really needs them!