How does coyote meat taste

Crocodile is already on the menu. Springbok will follow soon. And now this: Chef Oliver Ackermann also wants to serve his guests with lion meat. The price: 190 euros per kilo. The king of the animals will soon be on our plate as a steak? Animal rights activists are storming. And the consumer protection authority says: "What he is up to is simply illegal!"

The setting for this animal story: Winterhude. The “World Steaks Hamburg” restaurant has been open at Mühlenkamp since August. The concept: to take customers on a culinary trip around the world, to present them with exotic types of meat that cannot be found anywhere else.

But lion? Yes, does it even taste good? And the animal is not under species protection. Chef Ackermann (53) says he has already eaten lion steak and raves about "a slight sweetness", about the dark, firm meat. In terms of taste, it can be compared to beef.

As far as species protection is concerned, there is no need to worry: “We get the goods from lion farms. So they are bred animals that do not come from the wild. "
Does the man really know what he is doing? A restaurant in the US state of Arizona once tried something similar and offered burgers made from lion meat. Bomb and death threats followed, and more than 250 emails from angry animal rights activists.

Roland Gramling from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is stunned: “A lion on the menu? Yes, do you need that? ”He describes it as“ absolutely unnecessary ”to offer the predator for consumption in view of the“ wide range of meats that exist in this country ”. The opinion of the animal rights organization Peta is also clear: it announced that it would urge the operator to abandon the plans.

But most likely nothing will come of it anyway: The MOPO asked the authority for health and consumer protection on Thursday: Erik Pust, one of the spokesmen, said that the import of dog, cat and lion meat was forbidden. It is even a criminal offense.

The restaurant in Winterhude will soon have an official visit.

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