Why do Chinese tourists like Germany?

Chinese tourists on a trip to Germany"Recreation is Not intended"

The Chinese love Europe as a holiday destination, and Germany is also becoming increasingly popular. Because everything is clean here and we have highways. If only it wasn't for the food thing.

"Germany? For the Chinese this is Europe for the advanced," says Xifan Yang, who accompanied a Chinese tour group. Those who fly to Europe from China for the first time usually book the classic package: Italy, France, Switzerland - compact in ten days. When it comes to Germany, the Chinese first think of austerity, bureaucracy and cars - so it's not that interesting as a travel destination for newcomers to Europe.

Thousands of euros for suitcases and cookware

Before they go on a European tour, the Chinese have to overcome a few hurdles. In particular, issuing a visa is incredibly complicated. If you want to travel, you have to show a lot of money and have it frozen in your account. This is another reason why most of the Chinese who travel to Europe are quite rich and also spend the money. In Xifan's travel group, each traveler shopped for an average of 5000 euros. At the top of the shopping list: suitcases, handbags and cookware.

The Chinese are not interested in relaxation on vacation, says Xifan Yang. The guests worked through a program very ambitiously - just like at work. The daily routine of a Chinese tour group:

  • At 7 a.m. wake-up call in the hotel
  • Departure at 8 a.m.
  • Two to three items on the program per day
  • At 8 p.m. everyone is back at the hotel

Since the hotels have to be pretty cheap, they are mostly in the suburbs. For Chinese holidaymakers, this means: even if they wanted to explore German nightlife on their own in the evening, it wouldn't logistically work. The cliché that the Chinese only travel in groups is not true, by the way. Those between 20 and 30 tend to go out alone.

Almost all of the travelers in Xifan's group were enthusiastic about Germany. Because it is so clean, the people are pleasant - and the highways also caused a storm of enthusiasm. So everything is great in Germany? No, the Chinese miss open wifi. And then there's the food thing, says Xifan Yang. But you have to know: Chinese tour groups mainly dine in so-called Chinese restaurants. And what they are served there has nothing to do with the food in their home country.