Is the Glee show worth a visit

US ratings: Christina Aguilera beats "Glee"
By Paul Fellner with Nielsen Media Research - 04/28/2011 at 9:22 am

The odds for Tuesday, April 26th: The new talent show "The Voice" with Christina Aguilera in the jury is causing problems for "Glee" and "Raising Hope". "Body of Proof" remains reasonably stable.

Today at a glance: The odds of Tuesday, April 26th, 2011!

The bare numbers:

8:00 p.m.


1. Dancing with the Stars: Recap (ABC)

13.1 million ()

2. Navy CIS[W] (CBS)

11.2 million ()

3rd Glee (Fox)

8.5 million()

4. The Biggest Loser (NBC)

7.4 million ()

9:00 p.m.

1. Dancing with the Stars: Results (ABC)

17.4 million ()

2. The Voice(NBC)

11.4 million ()

3. Navy CIS: L.A.[W](CBS)

10.3 million ()

4. Glee (Fox)

8.6 million ()

9:30 p.m.




4. Raising Hope(Fox)

4.5 million()

22:00 O'clock

1. The Voice(NBC)

12.2 million ()

1. Body of proof(ABC)

11.9 million ()

3. The Mentalist[W](CBS)

7.9 million ()


spectator Target group 18-49 year olds


14.3 million
2.7 Rating / 7 Share


10.3 million
4.3 Rating / 11 Share


9.8 million

1.9 Rating / 5 Share


7.6 million
3.0 rating / 8 share

With "Glee" it goes further downhill. After the musical series had already dropped to a season low last week, the number of viewers this week went down further (8.6 million viewers - 18-49 year olds: 3.4 rating / 9 share). The extended sitcom "Raising Hope" then returned from a break and also fell to a season low (4.5 million viewers - 18-49 year olds: 1.8 rating / 4 share).

One reason for the poor performance of the Fox series could be the good start to the talent show "The Voice". The NBC show with Christina Aguilera in the jury achieved excellent 5.1 rating points (13 shares) in the advertising-relevant target group and thus proves that the hunger of Americans for talent competitions on television has not yet been satisfied. Dana Delany and Jeri Ryan also had to accept slight losses in the target group with "Body Of Proof" (18-49 year olds: 2.2 rating / 6 share), but were at least able to look forward to a slight increase in the total audience (11.9 million viewers). The series has now stabilized at a good level and with ABC's flagging program will hardly have any problems with an extension.

Glossary - The explanation of the technical terms and abbreviations:

[W] = Repetition

Rating = Value for the percentage of viewers based on the number of US households with televisions.

Share = Value for the percentage of viewers based on the number of US households that turned on the television at the time.

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