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The programmer's salary

The programmer profession is becoming more and more popular. In addition to the increasing demand, the main reason for this is the high salary that can be achieved in the profession. Therefore, on this page we dedicate ourselves to the average salary as a programmer, which comes from our own database.

Gross salary as a programmer

Monthly gross salary3.598,24€
Annual gross salary43.178,86€
How much net?

According to our data collection, programmers receive a nationwide average of around € 3,598.24 gross per month or € 43,178.86 gross per year. The hourly wage is therefore around € 20.76 on average.

Current salary data for the profession of programmer

You can see the latest ten data sets from programmers from our salary statistics yourself below. All data on this page was collected by us.

Data sets from March 10, 2021
Gross salary in €Agegenderworkplace
4.100,0035male32427 Minden
3.087,0038male58762 Altena
4.200,0040male53177 Bonn
4.175,0058male87787 Wolfertschwenden
4.150,0029male79110 Freiburg
4.166,0027male20359 Hamburg
6.600,0035male22307 Hamburg
3.950,0034male67112 Mutterstadt
5.200,0032male97624 Schweinfurt
1.400,0055male08523 Plauen

How much do you earn as a programmer?

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The programmer's gender salary

The gender pay gap is the average gross wage difference between women and men, which in many professions is reflected in the fact that male employees earn more.

There is also a salary difference in the programmer's profession. According to our survey, female programmers can earn an average of € 3,200.00, while male programmers receive an average salary of € 3,618.15. The difference is therefore 11.56%.

genderGross salary in €
The income difference between men and women is: 418.15 (11.56%)

Average salary after graduation as a programmer

The educational qualification can have a direct impact on the salary prospects in some professions. A look at the average data from our database reveals whether there is also a salary increase for the job of programmer with a higher educational qualification:

graduationGross salary in €
no graduation4.100,00
Intermediate maturity3.087,00
University entrance qualification2.900,00
General University Entrance Qualification4.183,00
Bachelor (BA)3.487,50
Bachelor (FH)5.275,00
Diploma (FH)4.687,50
Diploma (university)2.767,50

The benefits of being a programmer

Does the programming profession bring other advantages besides the salary? In order to clarify this question, information on the benefits as a programmer is stored in our database:

What does a programmer do

The term programmer describes a profession in the IT industry. Programmers are responsible for the further development and creation of software. The salary of a programmer, just like that of a computer scientist, depends on the industry, the size of the company and, essentially, on professional experience.

Programmers are always needed. Due to the high demand, a corresponding salary can be negotiated.

It is best to pay programmers in large corporations. The highest salaries are earned by employees in the banking sector, as well as in the insurance, medical and mechanical engineering sectors.

  • The programmer's knowledge also plays a key role in his monthly earnings. Java, C, C ++ and PHP are particularly in demand.

Tasks of a programmer

Programmers write, develop and implement software with the help of a programming language. In general, they are responsible for the maintenance, care and documentation as well as the evaluation of applications and processes.

  • Programmers also develop web applications or apps.

The specific tasks are industry-specific and depend on the department. The various tasks of programmers at a glance:

  • Design and implement software
  • Development of front and back end solutions
  • Programming of individual modules or complete applications
  • Use of programming language (Java, C ++, Ruby, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Develop concepts
  • Digitization of service processes
  • Customer advice and support
  • Setting up A / B tests

Become a programmer

For the job of programmer, a university degree in (technical) computer science or an apprenticeship is generally required. This is a commercial apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development. Usually the degree is achieved after 3 years.

Year of trainingsalary
1st year of training695 euros to 755 euros gross monthly
2nd year of training755 euros to 812 euros gross monthly
3rd year of training830 euros to 888 euros gross monthly

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