How dangerous are motorcycles

Is it dangerous to ride a motorcycle?

Riding a motorcycle is dangerous - the facts!

How dangerous is riding a motorcycle? How can I protect myself as best as possible? In view of the number of accidents, the question arises as to whether you need accident insurance for bikers. In 2016, around a third of all road victims had accidents on a two-wheeled vehicle. 536 of them fatally with a motorcycle.

Should i ride a motorcycle? Can I allow my child to do it, or better forbid it? Is an electric scooter or a motorcycle more dangerous? Could a quad or a trike be a better alternative?


Riding a motorcycle is dangerous because if you fall the crumple zone is missing. This is why the risk of injuring yourself as a driver or passenger is x times higher than with a car. Accident protection makes sense for bikers.


Often considered the cause of accidents over the speed limit supposed. This was also the case in the tragic motorcycle accident in May 2020 in which Prince Otto von Hessen died. He was on the road with his 158 hp Ducati Multistrada 1260 S with a top speed of 250 km / h.

Not only the fatal traffic accidents of celebrities like James Dean, Grace Kelly, Paul Walker or Falco show: the risk of a tragic accident in traffic with serious long-term consequences is omnipresent.

A motorcycle insurance from the test winner protects your bike. Including special equipment and protective clothing. But what about you? On this page you will find the most important information on risks, injury patterns and the perfect prevention for motorcyclists. With these tips you will reach your goal safely.

As a father of 3 children, I asked myself:
"Is riding a motorcycle too dangerous?"

Who doesn't dream of freedom and passion when riding a motorcycle? I know exactly what I'm talking about because I drive a 23 year old beautiful Yamaha XVS 650 dragster. When she is in top shape, she only manages 135 km / h - with big ears. But that's enough, because it fascinates with its sound. True to the motto:

"Loud pipes save lives"

When I grab the shoulder-width handlebars and cruise through the idyllic Westerwald landscape, bubbling with crackling misfires, that's pure joie de vivre for me. My motorcycle charges my mental "battery" in minutes. But I also know that you can get into dangerous situations faster on two wheels than with a car, for example.


What only bikers know

Motorcycling is definitely more than just getting around on two wheels. When riding a motorcycle, the journey is the goal. But the nice weather not only lures the bikes out of the garage, but also some bikers from the reserve. Especially in spring.

After the long winter break, not only do temperatures rise, but also the number of accidents significantly. Then it becomes clear why accident insurance makes sense for motorcyclists in particular.

From October to February motorcycling is less common, but the risk of accidents knows no time of day or season. Surprisingly cold days can already increase the risk of an accident. The same applies to twilight and darkness.

Whether it's a wet road, slippery leaves, slippery snow or black ice - as a motorcyclist, it is extremely important to adapt your driving behavior to the weather. Especially in autumn and winter. If in doubt, it is better to leave your bike behind. In the spirit of VISION ZERO: "Nobody dies. All arrive.

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Why riding a motorcycle is more dangerous

Motorcycles, like other single-track vehicles, are unstable at low speeds. Up to around 20 km / h, the driver's compensatory movements are responsible for balance.

The gyroscopic forces of the front and rear wheels only act to a sufficient extent from around 40 km / h. Then the motorcycle finds its own stability as far as possible and runs straight ahead.

At the latest in the next bend, this urge to go straight must be counteracted courageously by banking. This is a challenge for the inexperienced driver.

Germans love motorcycles. This is what the statistics show. Almost 6 million registered street machines, enduros, choppers, cafe racers, street fighters and other two-wheelers underline the great interest in two-wheelers. Over time there will be more and more. The largest motorcycle fair in Europe in Dortmund records new visitor records year after year. The focus is on technology and safety.

Headlines and accident statistics show why motorcycling is dangerous. It cannot be dismissed out of hand: Riding a motorcycle poses a significantly higher risk in traffic than driving a car with airbags in front of, next to and above you. It will always stay that way, despite suitable protective measures.

Neither high-performance helmets, protective clothing with back protectors, nor high-tech air bag vests can completely rule out the risk of serious injury. The risk of permanent damage is almost always on the pillion. Anyone who wants to make provisions for any permanent financial consequences can achieve this sensibly and very inexpensively with private accident insurance.

Numbers, data and facts such as
motorcycling really is dangerous

The motorcycle accident study of the accident research of insurers (UDV) and other analyzes show:

  • It is undisputed that riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car
  • Motorcyclists are 14 times more likely to have an accident than with a car
  • The driving style and willingness to take risks affect the risk of an accident
  • Every fourth motorcycle accident happens without outside involvement
  • Almost every second motorcycle accident occurs in longitudinal traffic, often because the distance to the vehicle in front is too short
  • In 71% of collisions between cars and motorcycles, motorists are the main culprit
  • The risk of accidents for drivers of new machines is 4x higher than for older two-wheelers
  • Motorcycles with a sporty design (e.g. Streetfighters) are more likely to be involved in accidents
  • Owners of a chopper or a touring motorcycle are less likely to have an accident
  • The more powerful the engine, the greater the risk of a solo accident
  • Two thirds of fatal motorcycle accidents occur on country and federal highways
  • 17% of the road fatalities had accidents on motorbikes
  • 5 passengers per 1,000 cars crashed
  • 7 riders were killed for every 1,000 motorcycles
  • The risk of death for bikers was 14 per 100,000 registered vehicles
  • Most collisions between cars and motorcycles occur in urban areas.
  • Out of town, only 25% of accidents occur, but 60% of deaths.
  • Motorways account for 6% of accidents and 10% of fatalities.

The 6 most common causes of accidents resulting in death:

  1. Excessive speed (young motorcyclists)
  2. Overtaking mistakes (young motorcyclists)
  3. Incorrect road use
  4. Distance errors (older motorcyclists)
  5. Turning errors (older motorcyclists)
  6. Disregard of right of way (older motorcyclists)

The 3 most common accident risks depending on the driver:

  1. Men have a higher risk of accidents than women.
  2. Men are more likely to be the victims of fatal road accidents.
  3. Men are more likely to be involved in alcohol, speed and distance accidents.

This makes riding a motorcycle less dangerous

These 17 traffic situations are particularly dangerous for motorcyclists:

  1. Ruts
  2. Millings
  3. Longitudinal joints in the driving line
  4. Slippery roads without grip
  5. Changing road surfaces with different levels of grip (e.g. bitumen drift)
  6. Manhole cover
  7. Thick road markings
  8. Bumps
  9. potholes
  10. Patchwork rugs, especially when wet
  11. Gravel after construction work
  12. extended banquet
  13. Gravel on confluent forest and rock paths
  14. leaves
  15. Impairment of visibility, e.g. from rapeseed or grain
  16. Unfavorable curve radii and distances between the curves
  17. Crossings and junctions on country and federal roads

The “fall space” on the side of the road is rarely optimized for motorcyclists.

The 8 most dangerous conditions that increase the risk of injury for motorcyclists colossally

  1. Guard rail posts
  2. Guard rails
  3. Trees
  4. Road Signs
  5. rigid guidance systems instead of flexible flexi bollards or balisettes
  6. Walls
  7. Power distributor
  8. missing underrun protection

Many motorcyclists ride a motorcycle as a hobby. However, “fair weather drivers” lack routine and experience. That is why the greatest risk is often behind the handlebars.

Traffic psychologists assume that motorcyclists only develop a realistic assessment and awareness of motorcycle-specific risks after 5-10 years of driving experience. In summary, one can say: Seasonal driving in combination with high spirits make motorcycling more dangerous.

The 8 biggest rider risks for motorcyclists

  1. unadjusted tempo
  2. Insufficient safety distance
  3. incorrect assessment of the braking distance
  4. Overdose when braking
  5. Experienced drivers overestimate their own abilities
  6. Performance limits are exceeded due to a lack of fitness and concentration
  7. new machines quadruple the risk of accidents
  8. Trust in a legitimate right of way (underestimation of the human risk factor)

Beginners, returnees or intensive training courses, such as those offered by the following bodies, make motorcycling less dangerous:

Enjoy safe and healthy motorcycling

The 9-point safety check for your motorcycle

  1. Clean your bike carefully.
  2. Eliminate recognizable errors and remove rust.
  3. Charge the battery sufficiently.
  4. Check engine oil, brake fluid and coolant and top up if necessary.
  5. Check light and all electronic systems.
  6. Grease the drive chain and tension it sufficiently.
  7. Check the brakes - pads and effectiveness.
  8. Check the tread depth, air pressure and the age of the tires.
    (If the tires are more than 5 years old, you should replace them)
  9. If necessary, empty the carburetor float chambers, open the fuel tap and refill with fresh fuel.

The 6-point safety check for you as a biker

  1. Make sure you are physically fit regularly, especially before your first tour.
  2. Start with a few driving exercises to get safe.
  3. Make sure you have safe and functional gloves and clothing.
  4. The helmet visor must be clear and scratch-free.
  5. Not only other road users, but especially wet, slippery roads and gravel are very dangerous when riding a motorcycle.
  6. Avoid accidents by riding your motorcycle carefully!

The little known 15 million driver protection trick

Our experience from 30 years of risk advice shows: Very few people know this tip. Most motorcyclists know: A motor vehicle liability insurance pays for the damage you cause to someone else. (Example: You hit a parked car with your bike). Correct! But that is only the half truth.

The magic word is: Driver protection. Driver protection is a component that you can optionally arrange for your motor vehicle liability insurance. This protects you and your family up to 15 million euros. In addition, you benefit from very affordable premiums (1st place "Motor Insurance" in the AssCompact TREND study 2019).

And this is how driver protection works:

If you as the driver are injured in a self-inflicted accident with your motorcycle, your motor vehicle insurance will not only cover the damage suffered by the other people involved in the accident, it will also take care of you. Up to a compensation payment of 15 million euros in the event of an accident. This also applies to other authorized riders who let you ride your bike.

Driver protection provides up to 15 million euros e.g. for:

  • loss of earnings
  • personal injury compensation
  • Home help
  • Handicapped-accessible renovation of a house or apartment
  • Widow's or orphan's pension to your surviving dependents.

All-round protection for 24 hours on every tour

Additional highlights for people and machines in the event of accidents caused by third parties or self-inflicted

  • 24-hour emergency aid
  • Performance update guarantee
  • Liability protection up to 100 million euros
  • New price compensation up to 24 months after initial registration if your motorcycle is stolen or destroyed by a total loss.
  • Damage from marten bites and animal bites of any kind up to 5,000 euros - including consequential damage, for example to the engine of your bike.
  • Co-insurance of standard or retrofitted special equipment (e.g. phono, communication systems or tuning parts) up to 15,000 euros.
  • Damage or destruction of your protective clothing as a result of a collision with animals or an accident up to 2,000 euros (EXCLUSIVE module).

The unique driver protection option does not make riding a motorcycle any less dangerous, but this exclusive extension for possible financial consequences of a motorcycle accident gives you and your family the best possible protection. Check the attractive conditions now.

Why riding a motorcycle without accident insurance is dangerous

Nobody can rule out motorcycle accidents. Despite careful driving style, riding a motorcycle remains dangerous. Sooner or later something can always happen. Furthermore, bikers have no crumple zone. As a result, serious injuries and so-called multiple trauma from multiple impacts occur regularly.

The consequences of a motorcycle accident can be devastating. The injuries range from lower leg fractures with damage to soft tissues to subsequent psychological impairments, e.g. due to reduced earning capacity, amputation, paraplegia. The healing process is often problematic. Post-traumatic stress disorder is not uncommon. Chronic pain syndromes occur again and again, which affect the accident victim for decades.

Motorcyclists also suffer traumatic brain injuries, concussions, bruises and complex injuries to arms and legs after an accident. Internal bleeding can trigger heart attacks in the brain. With the well-known consequences such as speech impairment.

Whether you were the cause yourself or the victim of misconduct through someone else's fault: motorcycle accidents often have lifelong consequences (e.g. paraplegia). As a motorcyclist, it makes sense to take out private accident insurance with foresight - for yourself and for your family. A positive side effect: private accident insurance is tax deductible. Find out here how you can find the best accident insurance quickly and easily.


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