What made you smile or cry today?

Maturity means laughing at something that made you cry before

Last update: 01 November, 2016

Panning your gaze back in time is not an easy task if you haven't managed to get over it with the appropriate determination. You won't be sure you've made it until you can watch yourself laugh at something that once almost overwhelmed you. This sense of determination that you feel when you have escaped a complicated situation and can look at it in another way is called maturity.

When you are going through difficult times, the darkness may prevent you from finding the exit and moving in that direction. Perhaps you would rather stand still and do nothing to counter your fears, perhaps you do not want to face these ghosts that exist in your imagination and that you perceive as a great threat.

If you remember other situations in which you felt this way, even if the circumstances might not be the same - they never are, because we never cross the same river twice - you will understand that the difficulties that now seem huge also have predetermined breaking points. The moment you discover these, you will be able to look back and feel how you can smile with pride at your own experience, your own fears.

Perhaps while reading it occurred to you that one "Does not ripen with the years, but with the setbacks". To a certain extent one can agree with this: Suddenly these wounds, which have become scars, no longer burn and are tangible proof that you have grown and that they have taught you something.

"There is no other way to learn wisdom than to endure the blows of fate."

Laugh at what hurt us

The blows of fate have become a part of you forever and depending on their severity they require more or less great resistance from you: They will take you anywhere, no matter where you want to go, you cannot escape from them and they burn themselves into the book that is said to be your life. They are no exception, but you can turn them into pages that have already been turned: One of those that you have already read and that you only read again if you want to.

But not only do you have the advantage of being able to decide whether you want to reread them or not: most important of all, you have the power to remember them in the right way, with the attitude, that you think they deserve.

So I'm telling you that maturity means laughing at what hurt you once and also learning about yourself and being sure who you are now. You found your turning point when you were utterly lost and this is reason enough to smile: you have freed yourself from a past that has tied you up and now you know how to untie new knots when you meet them.

Mistakes that turn into stones along the way

The worst blows in our life are given to us by these potholes, which are the result of our aberrations, which in turn arise from our decisions: There are situations in which we have to choose between several options that are important to us, which puts us in a bind. Each of the options will lead us on a different path, and it is possible that it will be the more difficult one.

Personal mistakes turn into little stones with meanings you should better understand, so that they don't appear again on future paths. The stones keep you stumbling and forcing you to straighten yourself up in order to carry on: this requires a great effort that will shape you.

"Maturity is not shown by making the right decisions, but by living with those that have already been made, even if they were not right."

Maturity is also seeing the errors as opportunities to learn and as tools with which one can advance one's development. Sure, failure hurts, sometimes a lot, but it is much worse when it hurts you not to try something. Trying, failing and trying again are sections of the road to self-knowledge.

Maturity means breaking free of what made you cry

While it may well be that what made you cry was a result of your own actions, it may just as well be that it is not and the damage is from something outside. Perhaps you found yourself in a toxic relationship that was difficult to get out of and that emotionally destabilized you.

Or you are just finding it difficult to sever the threads that connect you to people you have loved and who have given you the best of themselves: In any case, you have to accept the goodbye and stop longing for something that was and is no longer.

Elvira Sastre says that a life without courage is an infinite way backwards: Maturity has a lot to do with being courageous in every step you take, especially those, particularly difficult ones, so that you never lack the strength you need to face the headwind. So there will only be paths in one direction together with memories that have slowly grown out of your essence as light luggage.

"If you call your difficulties experiences and remember that each experience has brought you greater maturity, then you will grow sturdy and happily no matter how adverse the circumstances may seem to you."

Henry Miller

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