Do we really need a life partner

How to find your partner for life - Guide from Tim Urban from

For a frustrated single, life often feels like this:

Indeed, science seems to suggest that married people are, on average, happier than singles - and much happier than divorced people¹. However, if you take a closer look at the relevant study, it is noticeable that married couples are divided into two groups based on the quality of their marriage: “People who classify their marriage as bad are pretty bad, and they are much more unhappy than single people. People who rate their marriage as good, on the other hand, are much happier than it is portrayed in the literature ”². So in truth it looks like this:

Dissatisfied singles can consider themselves lucky - because they can hope. A single who would like to find a life partner only has one point on their to-do list: “1. Finding a life partner. "People who are unhappy in their relationship have three points to do:" 1. Going through an emotionally stressful breakup. 2. Get up again. 3. Finding a new life partner. ”From that point of view, singles are not doing badly, right?

The studies showing the relationship between quality of marriage and mood make sense, of course. After all, it's about the partner for yourself Life. Just the thought of how important the choice of a partner is can overwhelm us - like the question of what actually happens after death or how big the universe is. It is so exhausting to think about it that we prefer to avoid it - and sometimes even refuse to admit the importance of choosing a life partner.