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Hemp or cannabis is an ancient useful plant that has already found its use in many different areas, e.g. in the production of textiles, insulation materials, soaps, oils, and much more. The cannabis plant contains several different ingredients, the best known are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD is said to have antibacterial and analgesic effects, among other things. It is also considered to stimulate the appetite and allegedly helps against nausea and muscle cramps. In addition, it can lighten the mood and is relaxing and calming. Because of the CBD, the marijuana plant is touted as a natural remedy in many places. The problem with the common cannabis plant, however, is that it naturally contains a significant amount of THC. This active ingredient has a numbing and intoxicating effect. CBD cannabis strains from legal-weed.at have been specially bred to contain more CBD, while the THC content has been reduced to such an extent that they do NOT create any high. Therefore, our CBD flowers are not subject to the provisions of the Narcotics Act and can therefore be sold legally.

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Royal Silver Haze
Sissi from Haazburg

Compact, mildly scented aromatic flowers. Perfectly trimmed and packed in 1.6g (paper), 2g or 5g (glass).

Purple Haze
Limited Legend Edition

Large, violet aroma flowers with a sweetish note. Packed at 1.6g (paper), 2g or 5g (glass).

from the Edeltraud

Strong-smelling aromatic flowers packaged in an elegant glass. Trimmed to perfection! Available in 1.6g (paper), 2g or 5g (glass).

Viennese melange
Made in Austria

Our traditional Big Bud aromatic flowers. Perfectly trimmed and packed in 1.6g (paper), 2g or 5g (glass).

Ländle Gräs
From the country

Compact, strong-smelling aromatic flowers with a high CBD content. Perfectly trimmed and packed in 1.6g (paper), 2g or 5g (glass).

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