How do I start a cement factory

For a long time I wanted to do this crossing from Wopfing to Pernitz. Today was a good opportunity to do so. Snowshoes are not necessary at these heights, ice skates would have been more recommendable. At minus 5 degrees and firmly frozen ground, I start my tour at the train station in Wopfing, where I can already see the first sign in the direction of Sulzberg. It's first on my list today. I go there briskly so that I can warm up.
After almost 6 hours my 19km long tour was over. I conquered almost 1,200 meters of altitude. Once again I remembered the phrase: “Even small animals make crap”. In Pernitz at the Ortmann stop I planned to take the train back to Wopfing. But I was lucky, at the company SCA Hygieneproducts GmbH it was just the end of work and so some employees of this company drove home with their cars. Who will take me with them? Juhuu, the first I mentioned drove to Oberpiesting, which was a place further than Wopfing. This not only saved me 30 minutes of waiting for the train, but also learned a few interesting things about this environment, which must be truly lucky that there are three larger companies here with the cement factory in Wopfing, the SCA Ortmann and the wire drawing shop in Oed so that there are important jobs for the population in this area. May it stay that way, because finding a job here is not easy.
The Sulzberg has nothing worth mentioning. The view shortly before to the Schneeberg and the “red cross” are the exception.
I first “slide” over forest roads and well laid out hiking trails to the Braunbild.
The brown picture - maybe because everything is in brown? No idea. In any case, the sun is now coming through the sparse forest and it is not just that it is getting warmer. There is not much snow, but the trudging of the leaves quickly makes you tired. So I am all the more pleased that there is a small summit cross on the 872m high Lindkogel. Time for the first sip of tea.
From the Lindkogel it goes down again to be able to climb via Karlreut on the other side to the Vorderen Mandling. Before that, a look back. It all looks simple enough, but it's not at all. A long climb is easier for me than up / down.
At the front of the Mandling it is not clear to me which rock is the highest here. But after there was a cross on one of them, it was clear to me that it should be this one. As on the other “peaks” of the day, there is little view here.
The next goal is the hammer. I don't meet people today - what a surprise - of course. Countless tracks of game and, to my delight, also dozens of roe deer and deer can be seen. I haven't seen so much game in a long time.
On the way to the Hammerl I come to the forest of signs ... Probably there will be more going on here in summer, because there are enough paths and markings here. I don't mind that I don't meet anyone. I enjoy the silence in the forest.
Also on the Hammerl I discover the “Red Cross” again. Unfortunately, I still don't know who is putting up these nice crosses. Outlook zero, but it's still nice here. Again and again, deer and deer cross in front of me. Some even very close.
Not only once do I get frightened because the animals run so close to me. Do you not recognize me through my green “quilt”? In any case, I enjoy it, even if I'm usually a tad too slow with the photos. Never mind, I have to go back the same way a little bit, then my tour takes me to the 841m high Großer Rosenkogel. One more look back to the Hammerl and through the forest or over forest roads, I approach the next destination.
Unfortunately there is no cross on the Großer Rosenkogel. Only a red dot marking painted on a tree should show that this is probably the summit. The measuring stone is also a good indication of this.
From the Großer Rosenkogel you continue to the Kleiner Rosenkogel. In the distance I think I can see the observation tower on the Hohen Lindkogel near Baden. I am more certain when looking back to the Großer Rosenkogel.
On the little Rosenkogel. Yes, you could almost walk past it, it would not attract attention at all, or it would go off.
At least the view is pretty good. The Schneeberg with Schober / Öhler in the foreground.
And here back in the picture on the left to Hammerl / Großer Rosenkogel, or on the right to the Vorderen Mandling.
I still have one ... The Hohe Mandling at an altitude of 967m. I'm slowly getting tired. Even if the mountains are not really high, the constant ups and downs take a lot of strength. At the end of the day, significantly more than 1000m should be reached.
On the Hohe Mandling there is a cairn, a self-check (never heard of) and a memorial cross
It is now just before 2 p.m., so I can no longer get the 2:42 pm train from Ortmann to Wopfing. I would have to undercut the given time by more than half. No, I don't do the stress to myself. I prefer to take a longer break and use the last rays of the sun, which don't really warm you either. The tea for it all the more.
The sun accompanies me on the way to Pernitz. The fact that I go wrong twice on the descent is due to the sometimes poor marking, but I can still enjoy the view above the Süsswand. Great view from here.
A look at Pernitz Muggendorf,
On the left in the backlight of the Schneeberg, on the right on the Unterberg of the 7.12. Season opening has. As I found out later, there are supposed to be some tourers there. Only on the descent should there be a few “memory scratches” from the first ski tour of this season for free. Here on the way to Pernitz there are maximally bruises in the slippery foliage.
The snow plow can still wait to be used. Living here was sure to be nice once ... emphasis on WAR ...