What is the advantage of namaz

Benefits and blessings of prayer

It is noteworthy that, often in times of inner despair, when the heart is subjected to a period of trial or difficulty, people begin to pray, which then gradually evolves into a source of joyful experience, right up to the Sensations of joy on the occasion of the festive season and related prayers. If we try to establish a symbolic connection, we can say that those who regularly pray in this world will experience their rewards in the hereafter similar to the joys of a great festival, for prayer is, in essence, the guide of the servant to perfection and immeasurable God's wages.

In material terms, one of the advantages of prayer is that it keeps the body flexible and healthy through its various movements. In addition, it organizes the daily routine and brings order to the whole of life.

Among the innumerable spiritual blessings of prayer is that whoever does it conscientiously will experience the joys of being in the divine presence, and that prayer will at the same time be an opportunity for deep meditation and refuge in times of distress, as it does in good times is a source of happiness. It is the nourishment of the soul, the keeper of faith and the bond that ties the connection with the divine being of the All-Exalted.

With a view to human society, prayer provides an opportunity to come together, to get to know one another and to make friends by creating a sense of community and strengthening bonds of fraternity among the faithful.

It must be emphasized that there is no acceptable excuse for not making an effort to offer the prayer. Even on the battlefield during a war, fighters should take turns praying. Nor are there any excuses for women not to pray unless there are reasons that are causally related to women's health.

The Prophet - Allah bless him and give him peace - took the prayer so seriously that even in the last moments of his life he warned:

The prayer! Pay attention to the prayer!

A warning to take to heart as we cultivate a steady awareness of the immense importance of prayer.

The souls of those who take this warning into account and truly appreciate the importance of prayer make it the most precious enjoyment of their existence. When they rise to prayer, they leave behind the ephemeral world and their own existence in the spiritual encounter with Allah.

A sincere prayer should, in order for his prayers to be accepted, to embody the following qualities, which are found in the Qur'ân in the sura al-Ma'ârij be enumerated:

1. "... those who keep their prayers"

2. "... those who have a certain share for the supplicant and the needy ..."

3. "... those who believe in judgment day ..."

4. "... those who are concerned about the punishment of their Lord ..."

5. "... those who keep their shame ..."

6. "... those who treat the goods entrusted to them honestly and do what they have committed themselves to ..."

7. "... those who are true in their testimony ..."

8. "... those who faithfully perform their prayer ..."

It is they who will be honored in the gardens (of paradise). "[1]

O our Lord! Do us this honor and let us perform our prayers according to their real meaning and with awareness of their underlying wisdom and let them become a heavenly journey (Mi'râj) into your divine presence! Make our prayers an occasion for our joy and for the enjoyment of our souls in this world and also in the hereafter!



[1] see Quran, 70: 23-35