Really loved Daenerys Jorah

Why did no one inform Daenerys that she was a Dosh Khaleen after Khal Drogo died?

I think Dany should have said that at some point. Even if only tangentially.

There are, however a Justification I can find on the TV show. I'm leaving the books out because I haven't read them.

The followers of Danaerys are composed of many different groups. Westerosi, Dothraki, Unsullied ...

However, their followers all have one common theme: they were rejected by their "home" and needed a second chance. Dany gives these people a second chance.
Jorah and Selmy are the clearest examples of this, but it applies to most of those involved. The only exception I can think of is Daario, who follows Dany out of love, not necessity.

There were Dothraki who refused to follow Daenerys after the death of Khal Drogo. Logically, these will be Dothraki, who still swear by traditional Dothraki values; For example, not considering a woman as an equal, let alone as a leader.
This means that the Dothraki who stay with Daenarys renounce the Dothraki tradition and choose Daenerys instead. Each could have their own reason, but I think the general recurring incentive for the remaining Dothraki is that they need a home that Dany is willing to provide.

Informing Dany that she was about to become a Dosh Khaleen directly contradicts that idea. This would not make Dany available as a leader and therefore not be able to provide (personally) the refuge that most of her followers seek.

So there are many possible reasons why Dany did not join (nor knew about) the Dosh Khaleen until the subject was brought up by Khal Moro. I will try to list them as clearly as possible:

Note: The reasons listed below are possibilities.No facts.Just to be sure...
If anyone has corrections that rule out the possibilities (based on the TV show) please comment!

1. She was never informed of this tradition.

In general, I think this is unlikely, but not impossible. Dany is young and naive, and she has her hands full ruling her people. Your advisors may have protected you from this.

  • Her followers do not want to lose her leader and have no reason to suggest that she join the Dosh Khaleen.
  • No Dothraki (other than Dany's followers) would respect Daenerys' rule, so no one hoped to visit Vaes Dothrak anytime soon. There was no need to obey Dothraki customs if they avoided Dothraki altogether.
  • Her followers didn't think the same rules would apply to Daenerys, a Westerosi. She was already an exception to most Dothraki customs (e.g. as a khaleesi alone). So why not this one?
  • Daenerys' general pro-feminist stance is interpreted by the Dothraki as a complete rejection of the Dothraki tradition (gender). and no one expected that it would conform to those traditions anyway.

2. She was told that this is Dothraki tradition

That seems much more likely to me. Even if she had never been told that directly you to join the Dosh Khaleen, she probably would have heard of the custom at some point.
If she hasn't even heard of her own people's traditions, it shows a lack of interest in her culture. Which doesn't look like the Daenerys we see on the show (though she's pathetically naive at times, so it's not impossible).

  • Daenerys doesn't believe that women are less than men. After this idea, why should she give up her throne and follow traditions that she believes are out of date? She has already decided to ignore Dothraki customs by leading her people without a Khal. Why not break this tradition too? However, to protect her from punishment by Dothraki (for violating tradition), she simply chose to play stupid. She knew about the tradition but had no intention of actually following it. Instead of defying tradition, she plays the role of the stupid foreigner. Especially since she is not Dothraki herself and the Dothraki look down on non-Dothraki; Khal Moro will likely believe that she is "stupid enough not to even know about this tradition!".
  • Daenerys honestly thought this rule would not apply to her since she is not Dothraki.
  • Daenerys considered the dosh khaleen to be optional. Since Dothraki women accept (publicly, perhaps not in their minds) that they are considered less than men, Daenerys could have interpreted that the Dosh Khaleen are there for ex-Khaleesi who have nowhere else to go.


Kind. +1 for a detailed answer, but I certainly cannot agree with some points.


@HBhatia: I'm open to your feedback :) The list I've made is the best I could come up with. If you have any additions or arguments against anything on the list, fire and I'll update :)