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“Hateful faces”: New facts and details about the riot evening in Dortmund

In another press release, the Dortmund police announced further facts and details of the serious riots by violent Dortmund ultras and hooligans. The facts and more detailed findings at a glance:

  • Provocations in the run-up to the game: In the course of the day the police removed 106 posters and two banners that had hung up "partly unknown, partly police-determined members of different Dortmund ultra groups".
  • The police mentioned that for the first time exact number of rioters: 350 to 400. They would have tried to attack the Leipzig team bus, but it “reached the stadium safely and undamaged on a spontaneously changed and unpredictable route”.
  • Further course: After that, the mood boiled over. Police director Edzard Freyhoff, the head of operations on the match day, communicated in an unusually emotional way: “With a massive police operation, including the use of pepper spray and multi-purpose sticks, we prevented even worse! I have never seen such pictures in such hateful grimaces in any of my police operations - I am shocked! "
  • Injured: In addition to four injured officers (and a police dog), the police currently know of six injured RB fans. The fan association had spoken of ten.
  • Arrests: There were a total of twelve provisional arrests, including eleven from Dortmund and one from Leipzig.
  • Further investigation ... also apply to the actions during the game. Police director Freyhoff wants to investigate because of insults. “The Süd was a sea full of banners and posters with sometimes defamatory, insulting and shameful content. In these cases, too, we will investigate the initial suspicion of criminal offenses, ”announced Freyhoff. "The evaluation of film, video and evidence will keep us busy for the next few weeks."
  • Witnesses... asks the police to call the Dortmund police station on 0231 - 132 7441.

Here you can see amateur video recordings of the brutal riots

You can read reactions, further information on the course of the shocking evening and a detailed Twitter look at the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung.

Here you can read an open letter from the Bornaer Bullen fan club with further observations on the devastating reception of the Leipziger in Dortmund.

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