What is a good advisor

6 qualities of a good advisor

Consultants help companies gain insights into specific business challenges and develop recommendations for action that influence fundamental business strategies. Hardly any other external provider has such a profound influence on the actions of a company as a consultant.

Choosing the right provider is therefore a particularly important decision. We are often asked what makes a really good consultant. Here are our top 6 traits:

  1. Professional competence: The most important thing for a consultant is of course technical competence - a consultant should be familiar with your industry and have a wealth of experience from which you and your company can benefit. Consultants are the informants of important business decisions and are also paid high - so, of course, customers also have very high expectations of the result and the corresponding knowledge.
  2. The attention to detail: The saying “The devil is in the details” has long been overused - but it is very appropriate for advice. Each consultation is based on a skillful analysis of data. The smallest errors in the evaluation can falsify the overall result - that is why every consultant needs an eye for detail and a careful working method.
  3. In-depth understanding: A good consultant delves deeply into the data material and looks for a comprehensive understanding of the subject, discusses all options with the customer and thus comes to the best result for him. A competent advisor should not be tempted to jump to conclusions - even if customers often expect quick results.
  4. Confidence in your own recommendations: There are usually many ways to achieve your goal. The advisor's recommendations must therefore be sound and trustworthy so that they can be taken into account in future business decisions.
  5. Good social skills: A good counselor should be good at dealing with people. Of course, facts count first and foremost in management consulting - but these must also be conveyed well and, above all, the needs of the customers must first be properly recorded. A good consultant knows how to build a relationship with the customer in order to enable a fruitful exchange.
  6. Perseverance and flexibility: A really good consultant puts his heart and soul into the matter and faces all the challenges of the project - even if unexpected hurdles arise or the methodology of the analysis has to be adapted during the course of the project.

We at B2B International are specialists in B2B market research. By collecting and analyzing solid data, we develop recommendations for action that help you to continue on your path to success. Are you looking for a competent consultant who is familiar with your industry? Our subsidiary B2B Advisory provides tailor-made business advice.

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