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LGBT without "T" - feminists defend themselves against transgender people

Changes are emerging on the front lines of the LGBT movement. The abbreviation LGBT, which in relevant circles has become the acronym LGBTQIA + (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual + ad libitum) and thus almost indefinitely, will soon have to do without the term “transgender” go according to the will of the British organization "LGB Alliance" founded in 2019.

"Charter of Rights for Transgender"

A comment in the Wall Street Journal deals with the denial of biological sex and calls on biologists and medical professionals to vigorously counter the insecurity in society. Are there many different genders? No, the biology is clear: "More than 99.98 percent are clearly male or female." A wrong picture of this fact leads to consequences for the weakest, it says in the article.

On the following day of March 8th (International Women's Day), according to the French monthly magazine Causeur, a meeting took place in London to protest against the oppression by men, more precisely, by a certain type of men: the so-called "trans women" were the target, or otherwise in terms of men who feel like women ”. A hall had been rented in which 300 participants - a few men and many feminist women - had gathered "to defy the transactivists". Most of the women were active members of the Labor Party and were shocked by the transgender lobby's access to their party. The three women applying to succeed Jeremy Corbyn have signed a “charter of rights for transgender people”, while the only male candidate refused to sign.

The charter is a two-page document portraying "the new transgender rag proletariat" as poor, unemployed "victims of discrimination, hate crimes and" ongoing attacks by the reactionary press "". Those who sign the charter are working to “cleanse the Labor Party of its' transphobic” elements, which include not only the LGB Alliance, but also “Woman’s Place UK” and other “hate groups”. "Woman’s Place UK" was founded in 2017 when English law permitted "sex reassignments" based purely on one's own declarations of will without a medical diagnosis or physiological changes. The group wants to defend women against attacks by transgender people. Both Woman’s Place UK and the LGB Alliance believe that “a trans woman, i.e. a 'man who feels like a woman' is not a woman - a postulate that transgender activists consider a 'transphobic insult'”.

Men who take women away from their jobs?

Avoiding all kinds of discrimination seems all too justified in a modern society. But what happens when an apparent non-discrimination of the one leads to the disadvantage of the other?

Because what is it about? Trans women (“that is, men who feel like women”) demanded access to jobs reserved for women in accordance with equality between men and women: “Feminists see these trans women as nothing other than men who take away their jobs from women ". The trans women also asked to take part in sports competitions for women. Feminists see these athletes as "men who cheaply snatch their medals from women". The trans women also demanded that the women's prisons be open to them, as well as the changing rooms, school dormitories, holiday camps and public toilets reserved for women: "Women see in these transgender people men who invade the rooms reserved for women and violate their privacy".

This threat, especially physical, is felt most strongly by lesbian women: "The trans women (biological men) who feel attracted to women want to be called lesbians and cannot bear to be turned away by lesbian women". For their part, however, the lesbians were not attracted to these trans women (because they are men), "which arouses the anger of the latter, who then complain about transphobia".

The camp of progressism is cracking

The Causeur comments: “On March 9th, two decisive divisions emerged. The supporters of the Labor Party of yesterday no longer recognize themselves in its progressism. The homosexuals distance themselves from the transgender people. The acronym LGBTQI + has outlived itself. The camp of progressism is cracking. The denial of gender - that was one demand too many ”.

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