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Adele: These stars also secretly married

Adele actually got married in secret. However, the singer is not the only star who has quietly entered the port of marriage. Here is our selection

Adele had prominent role models with her secret marriage. Some stars keep their private life out of the public eye. Singer Adele (28, "Someone Like You") leads the way with the best example and recently confirmed at a concert in Brisbane, Australia for the first time that she is married. Rumors have been around since the Grammys in February when she thanked "my husband and son" on stage. At that time it was still said that this was by no means a confirmation. Adele is not the first celebrity to step in front of the altar unnoticed ...

Pure romance on the day of love

Shortly before Adele, actor Tyrese Gibson (38, "Fast & Furious 7") announced in early March via Instagram that he tied the knot on Valentine's Day. His wife is named Samantha Lee and holds a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Georgia. The couple is said to have known each other for about two years.

Like a fish in the water, unnoticed

Swimming star Michael Phelps (31) has collected more Olympic gold medals than any other athlete. While his successes were seen by the whole world, he kept his wedding to Nicole Johnson a secret for a long time in June 2016. It was only at the end of October that he revealed to his fans in a Facebook live chat that he had been under the hood for a few months. Why this secrecy? Because you should always have something for yourself, was his answer.

"Mr. & Mrs. Ullmann"

Not only US celebrities understand this game. The film and television stars Janin Reinhardt (35, "Lotta in Love") and Kostja Ullmann (32, "Groupies don't stay for breakfast") surprised their fans in July 2016 with the news that after eight years of relationship they were in the port of Marriage have come in. They posted a snapshot of themselves in the pool on Facebook. The words "Mr. & Mrs. Ullmann" were emblazoned underneath. The moderator also changed the title of her Facebook account to "Janin Ullmann".

Sneaky Scarlett

Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson (32, "Lucy") married her husband Romain Dauriac in early October 2014 on a ranch. The wedding finally came out a few months later. The couple split up just as unnoticed in the summer of 2016. It was not until January 2017 that the actress was photographed without her wedding ring at the "Women's March" in Washington.

Are they a couple?

The actors Rachel Weisz (46, "The Eternal Gardener") and Daniel Craig (49, "James Bond 007: Specter") have been married since 2011. They have already been able to keep a secret that the two are a couple at all. They fell in love on the set of "Dream House" and were still in different relationships at the time. Her wedding also stayed under the radar. Since then, the couple has rarely been seen together at events or film premieres. Weisz once explained her seclusion that her husband was simply too famous.

Tactical misleading

The actors Mila Kunis (33, "Bad Moms") and Ashton Kutcher (39, "Friendship Plus") already made a big secret about their engagement in 2014. Then the gauntlet began with the media. Because the New Year's greetings 2015 came via Facebook from "The Kutchers". When James Corden asked Kunis about the wedding on his "The Late Late Show" in March, she replied an evasive "maybe", although the couple did not go to the altar until July 2015. They took drastic measures on their wedding day: Via social media they stated that they were in completely different places.

Turned on the turbo

Actress Cameron Diaz (44, "Bad Teacher") married musician Benji Madden (37) completely unexpectedly in early January 2015 - in the living room of her house. The couple had been together for just seven months and only a few weeks engaged. Who would have thought? Since then, the couple has been on cloud nine. They still keep their marriage out of the public eye as much as possible. Joint appearances are rare.

A brief private moment

Oscar winner Kate Winslet (41, "Titanic") married Ned Rocknroll at the beginning of December 2012 - among the guests was colleague Leonardo DiCaprio, who is said to have led the bride to the altar. The wedding was not officially confirmed until the end of December. Penélope Cruz (42, "Vicky Cristina Barcelona") and Javier Bardem (48, "Biutiful") also managed to keep their wedding secret for a short time at the beginning of July 2010. Countless rumors grew up around the series stars Leighton Meester (30, "Gossip Girl") and Adam Brody (37, "O.C., California") in February 2014. They actually tied the knot in a secret ceremony in Mexico. They had never publicly confirmed their relationship or engagement before.

Rumor mill

The hottest wedding rumor from Hollywood is currently from actress Hayden Panettiere (27). She has been engaged to boxer Wladimir Klitschko (40) for some time. Or are the two already husband and wife? During the last PR appearances for her show "Nashville", the 27-year-old was asked about her partner's upcoming fight with British boxing champion Anthony Joshua. She always called him "my husband" ...