What is it like to be a tyrant

bully, the

Tyrann m. ‘Tyrant, despot’, late mhd.tiranne, tyranne, borrowed from Latin tyrannus, Greek týrannos (τύραννος) ‘absolute ruler, sole ruler, tyrant’, especially ‘who illegally presumes rule in the state’. In Germany first in the political field ‘usurper, dictator, despot’, without pejorative connotation ‘ruler, king, regent’, then (1st half of the 16th century) also in general ‘whoever ruthlessly imposes his will on others, domineering person’. Tyranny for 'tyranny, despotic oppression', early tyranney (2nd half of the 15th century), mnd.tirannīe (2nd half of the 14th century), education (under the influence of afrz.tiranie, tyrannie?) For the preceding Personal designation; cf. late Latin tyrannia, Greek tyrannía (τυραννία) ‘royal rule, absolute, presumptuous rule, sole rule, tyranny’. In German, domineering oppression, coercion, intolerant behavior of a person ’was transferred early on (1st half of the 16th century). tyrannical adj. '(in a state) unrestricted, despotic ruling, seizing power by force' (2nd half of 15th century), 'ruthlessly imposing his will on others, domineering, domineering' (1st half of 16th century) Century); cf. Latin tyrannicus, Greek tyrannikós (τυραννικός) ‘belonging to the sole ruler, appropriate to him, royal, violent, despotic’. to bully vb ‘To rule arbitrarily, violently, to rule cruelly, to impose one's will on somebody’ (1st half of the 16th century), mfrz.frz.tyranniser.