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Tinder for dream jobs: the 8 best application apps in check

Many areas of everyday life have changed due to smartphones and digitization. With application apps, there is now a new way of looking for a job.

The programs not only make the documents easier, they also take less time to go through job portals.

The basic principle is to enter the applicant information once and to upload the résumé or the application video (depending on the application app) and then to be able to apply to all suitable advertisements with a click or swipe.

Which application apps suit you and your job search best?

Application apps for job search on the go

Fill out your profile and get started. These simple, no-frills application apps allow you to send applications while waiting for the bus, during your lunch break or in the doctor's office waiting room.

At Jobfox you can create a profile in supposedly a minute and apply for suitable jobs with a short click. At the moment, the application app's website promises job details from 2,700 employers.

Particularly practical: you should receive a response within 24 hours.

You can also apply to Hokify without an individual cover letter. The profile should be completed in a few minutes. You also have to upload a résumé. The application app promises to handle the data confidentially and in accordance with the GDPR.

There are currently around 4,700 jobs on Hokify.

Application apps that work like Tinder

Ordinary application apps are too boring for you? The swipe application apps Monster and Truffls work like Tinder - only for jobs.

At the beginning of the job search you feed the Monster Job App with filter settings. For example, you can indicate in which industry and city you want to work. Then you wipe your way through all job ads. Swiping left takes you to the next job. Swiping to the right leads to the application.

Here, too, you first have to fill out a profile, but elaborate application letters are not necessary with this application app.

You don't have to upload a cover letter at Truffls either. Particularly practical: you can register via Xing and do not have to enter all of the applicant data. Based on your filter settings for industry and location, the app's algorithm suggests relevant job offers.

If you swipe to the right, the recruiter will receive your profile anonymously and can also decide whether to swipe to the right.

Application apps with video feature

Can you convince other people of your abilities much better in a personal conversation than in writing? Then application apps with which you can send videos to recruiters might be suitable for you.

According to Talentcube, you can create a professional video application on the app of the same name in just a few minutes. This allows you to either send an unsolicited application to interesting companies or specifically via a job code.

With an application manager, the app gives you an overview of the applications that have been sent. If the status changes, the application app will send you a notification.

JobTube is a bit smaller than Talentcube, but in March 2018 it was named "Best of" at the 2018 Industry Prize in the "Service & Services" category.

At JobTube you also record a short video for your application, you can also attach your documents such as cover letter and résumé and apply for job offers from the app.

Application apps for cover letters and résumés

Would you like to prepare your application documents while you are out and about? There are apps for that too. They do some of the layout work for you and give you tips for the design.

To create a CV and cover letter with the Apply App, you simply have to follow the step-by-step instructions. The app asks you for all the necessary information and lets you decide on the design and layout. You can then upload certificates and letters of recommendation.

In the end, the app creates an individual and complete PDF file for you with which you can apply.

In many cases, for example when applying via apps, you no longer need a cover letter. Then the CV app is sufficient instead of a comprehensive application app. Here, too, you can choose from several professional templates and fill them with the appropriate information.

If you like the app and your resume, you should get the premium version in order to receive a resume without copyright notice ("This resume was created with the resume app for free.").

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