What are good courses after hotel management

Further training in hotel management

Good reasons for further training

Whether further training is really necessary depends on your professional goals, interests, etc. If you are satisfied and successful in your job, the question of further training does not even arise. But if you want to make a change or broaden your horizons, then it is definitely worth it. Why? Therefore:

You get new ones, valuable qualifications and specialist skills. Your knowledge is up to date.

New professional paths open up and with it the chances of a better salary increase.

You face one yourself new challenge and dare to step out of your comfort zone.

You can during the training valuable contacts tie.

In the best case scenario, this is continuing education IHK certified and is therefore recognized throughout Germany.

In fact, the hotel market is highly competitive. Smaller businesses close or are bought up by large ones. For this reason, qualified employees are desperately needed. This is also a good reason to complete further training: You remain attractive for the job market and your (future) employer.

The training courses in hotel management are very different and the duration also depends on the respective educational institution. At least you can differentiate between short seminars that only last a few days and advanced training courses that last from five to even 24 months.

The educational institution decides whether the training takes place as a full-time face-to-face event or as a correspondence course. With a correspondence course, you are basically your own boss and decide for yourself when you study and when you take advantage of the online campus. At the face-to-face event, you are required to attend the class. Because of the many individual differences, it is best to find out more from the educational institutions at an early stage: Either online or in personal consultations. There you can also find out everything about registration deadlines and costs.

Are there qualitative differences between the training courses?

Yes, there are qualitative differences! There are always black sheep who lure with a hundred percent guarantee of success.

If you pay attention to the following things with the provider when looking for further training, you are pretty much on the safe side.

  • Transparency in terms of costs, content, methods, duration, etc.
  • The educational institution should offer comprehensive and free advice
  • The target group of the training and their previous knowledge - if necessary - should be evident
  • The lecturers are experts in their field
  • In the best case, it is an IHK-certified further education that already enjoys a very good reputation and is recognized in all companies across Germany

Because there are different types of certificates, we recommend that you to look around for an IHK-certified further education. As mentioned: They are generally recognized. In the case of institution-specific degrees and certificates of attendance, it is at the discretion of the potential employer whether they recognize the degree or consider it sufficient for their company.

How do I finance further training?

The costs of further training vary. If we assume that you will not attend a one-day seminar, but an event lasting several months, then the costs will move upwards from 120 euros per month. The provider should explain transparently online or in the information material whether this already includes costs for teaching material and, if applicable, examination costs.

A huge amount of money can be raised to invest in your career. Not everyone can finance it out of their own pocket. But that shouldn't be a reason to overturn all planning. There are different ways of financing.

1. You can do your training pay out of pocketif you have the financial means.

2. There are in-company training: Congratulations if you can take part in one, because in that case your employer will send you there and cover all costs.

3. In certain cases, the Employment Agency will cover the costs of further training via Education voucher. However, you have to give your advisor good reasons for a desired further education, because it will not be approved without further notice.

4. You can get support from various sponsors who give you grants or give you loans with low interest rates. The state also funds Education bonus a further education.

Tip: Often you will find information on how to finance further training on the providers' websites.

The alternative: the part-time hotel management degree

After all the information, you may have the impression that further training does not meet your expectations. An alternative would be a part-time hotel management degree. It offers you various study models with which you can combine work and university well. If you are looking to take a leap up the career ladder, part-time studies with a bachelor's or master's degree will be an alternative for you.