What is the salary of a software developer

What software developers earn

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Software developers are one of the few professional groups in which academics and non-academics of the same age earn the same income.

Software developers are entrusted with the further development of existing and new applications in the company. They usually work in project teams and offer support in the entire software development process, from specification, design, coding, documentation and testing to "deployment", i.e. the installation of software on user PCs or servers.

IT training as a basic requirement

The professional prerequisite for entering software development is primarily a completed IT training, usually HTL, FH or university. Depending on the job profile, specific relevant experience is required, such as SQL and databases, programming with C ++, C # and .NET, dynamic languages ​​(Perl, Python, Ruby), Windows and Linux knowledge or web technologies (XML, HTML, Javascript , AJAX, REST).

In addition to their technical experience and the ability to solve problems, successful software developers also have personal skills such as team orientation, initiative, communication skills and an understanding of commercial processes. Put simply, those software developers make the most progress in their careers who are not only good with computers, but also good with people.

The salary of software developers

Software developers are one of the few professional groups where academics and non-academics in the same age group earn the same salaries. One group has extensive practical work experience, the other a better education. Academics are only preferred for management positions.

At the age of 25, software developers earn as Starting salary an average of 35,400 euros gross per year. At the age of 30, salaries averaged 52,300 euros. Experienced software developers over 40 years of age can earn gross salaries of over 75,000 euros per year. In the age group from the beginning of 30, many software developers take on management responsibility in projects. On average, IT project managers earn EUR 65,800 gross per year.

Conrad Pramböck is an international salary expert and managing director of Upstyle Consulting. He has been advising companies on salaries for over 20 years.