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Integrity: 5 forms + 8 tips for acting with integrity

Making a promise is not difficult, but keeping it is. Especially when it comes to unpleasant things like helping with a move, the white lie comes off the lips without any problems. If you have promised something but don't keep it, your integrity will suffer. You can find out exactly what integrity is here.

Definition of integrity

Definition of integrity: to be true to your word

A move is imminent and you are missing helping hands. Who are you asking? Chances are, your choices will be friends or family members you know trust and on which you can fully rely. After all, you don't want to carry the heavy couch down the stairs alone, just because your helpers overslept or suddenly after a night of partying are suddenly in bed with a particularly nasty hangover. So you ask people who stand by their word and no empty promises do. These are people with integrity.

By definition, integrity is that Agreement of one's own ideals and values ​​with everyday life. Although integrity is also used in medicine, ethnology and computer science, when the term is used, it is mostly about character integrity. People of integrity act according to their values. They don't make empty promises, but keep their word. So integrity also has a lot to do with honesty.

People of integrity are often not aware of their integrity, but act unconsciously. Nevertheless, it is possible to work specifically on your own integrity. To do this, you first determine your personal values and try to adhere to them and implement them as best you can in your everyday life.

If it is not possible to combine words and actions, this is often done with hypocrisy or Hypocrisy connected. Integrity is also a question of moral. Moral questions are addressed in the scientific subject of the ethics discussed and reflected. Whether you are a person with integrity also depends on what words you put into practice. If you have morally reprehensible values ​​that you implement in your everyday life, you are not a person of integrity.

Forms of integrity

Your actions are commented on by those around you

There are many different forms of integrity, not all of which have anything to do with personal values ​​or human traits. Nevertheless, all of these forms are about certain Rules, agreements or generally applicable laws to be complied with or to achieve compliance with them. We introduce different forms of integrity:

Moral Integrity

Moral integrity is another term for character integrity, i.e. for integrity as a human quality. The term refers to your morality, which in turn is made up of individual Behaviors, values, principles and patterns of action of your everyday life. Your moral values ​​are to a large extent shaped by the expectations, manners and customs of the Western, European world. Of course, you alone determine what your personal morality looks like. Your actions will be commented on by those around you at any point in time and found to be right or wrong. But that doesn't mean that those around you comment on your behavior verbally. Rather, it reacts unconsciously to it and lets you feel when you are violating existing rules. So your morale is off social norms dependent. Your moral integrity is measured by the practical application of rules and depends on whether you follow them according to your personal morals.

Personal integrity

The term personal integrity describes the values ​​and actions of one Individual. You show personal integrity when you act fairly not only towards yourself but also towards everyone else. This is not always easy, because you often have to consider a wide variety of interests. You may also have to do something in a situation that benefits you personally harmsif it helps many other people. Whistleblower Edward Snowden, for example, has clearly demonstrated personal integrity by disclosing sensitive information about surveillance practices by US and UK intelligence agencies. It was foreseeable in advance that this action would harm him himself. Nevertheless, he decided to publish the information in order to educate the public. So personal integrity also takes a lot courage and the Willingness to accept personal disadvantages.

Physical integrity

The immune system is responsible for your physical integrity

Physical integrity or body integrity is a term from medicine and describes the healthy and undisturbed functioning of a human or animal body. Depending on the external circumstances, the demands on individual bodies change from time to time. Animals partially give up their body integrity to distract enemies from themselves. For example, they shed body parts to confuse attackers. Various mechanisms are important for maintaining body integrity in humans and animals. This is a particularly important mechanism immune system. It protects the body from diseases and parasites. The body also has mechanisms to regenerate damaged parts.

Territorial Integrity

Territorial integrity has nothing to do with personal values ​​or human characteristics, but with international law. More precisely, with the borders of sovereign states. It states that the borders of these states must be respected and must not be violated.Territorial integrity is part of international international law.

Referential Integrity

Referential integrity is a term used in computer science. It describes the completeness and accuracy of data. For this purpose, there are special rules for entering a data record in a database, which ensure the consistency of this data.

Tips for more integrity: values ​​that define people of integrity

Reflect on your behavior

People of integrity stand by their beliefs and values. There are some key values ​​that make up integrity. In everyday life, you usually don't think about your personal values ​​or behavior, as both are habits for you. If you want to learn more about your own integrity, you should think carefully about which values ​​are particularly important to you. To do this, you reflect on your own behavior. Check how many promises you make and how many you really keep. Also pay more attention to how your fellow human beings behave. Do they feel insecure about you and are you suspicious? Or do they entrust you with important tasks?

In the following we explain the values ​​that characterize people with integrity and how you can work on your own integrity:


People of integrity are honest. Requires honesty courage and is not always easy. Depending on the situation, you can make yourself pretty unpopular with an honest statement. Nevertheless, it is better to be clear about what's going on instead of resorting to excuses and white lies afterwards. But honesty also means that you Accept other people's opinions have to and not be allowed to judge them because of their honest opinion. For example, if you're asking for a judgment on a newly purchased item of clothing, you can't be upset if someone tells you that it looks unflattering. Better be glad that you get an honest opinion and that your friends don't talk behind your back about how fat you look in this piece of clothing. You can find tips for quick and healthy weight loss here.


Taking responsibility is anything but easy. Nevertheless, it takes people of integrity who are ready to do so. Namely, taking responsibility includes certain things Risks. If something goes wrong, the person responsible is to blame and in most cases has to solve the problem on his own. Taking responsibility also means that you have to stick to your plans and not allow yourself to be dissuaded from your goal. Often it comes to Conflict situationsthat may become uncomfortable for you. Then a cool head and negotiating skills are required. You can find tips for conflict resolution here.


Punctuality also characterizes people of integrity

Those who have integrity give their word and stick to it. Reliability makes you someone that others trust. Also punctuality distinguishes a reliable person. Those who are reliable avoid conflicts and have more success both in their private and professional lives. You can train reliability by Sets priorities. Don't say yes to everything, but pay attention to your time management. If you undertake too much, you will not be able to complete all of the tasks and you will leave a bad impression.


People of integrity treat all people equally and with respect. They don't pay attention to who does what job or who drives which car. Whether in the private sphere or in everyday work, everyone feels more comfortable when they are respected. The thought that you have to earn your respect first is nonsense. Your manager has to respect you as much as you respect him. Of course you can anyway have different opinions than your fellow men. You should convey this in a justified and friendly tone and not offend those who think differently. Respectful interaction is the be-all and end-all of any interpersonal relationship. You can find tips for a successful partnership here.


Justice is important for a harmonious coexistence

Justice is also essential for human coexistence. Those who are just treat others fair, respects their needs and advocates a harmonious coexistence in society. This also means that sometimes you cannot implement your own wishes and ideas the way you want them to. Nevertheless, in your private and professional environment, it is worthwhile to ensure that as many of your fellow human beings as possible feel that you have treated them fairly. This creates trust and creates a good mood. Justice also plays an important role in team building. You can usually achieve a lot more in a team than on your own. You can find tips on how to work in a team here.

Admit mistakes

Integrity also means being able to admit mistakes. Many people find that difficult. It is a very important quality that you have in your private and professional everyday life get ahead can. If you admit a mistake and productive criticism If you accept your colleagues or friends, you can develop and improve your performance. For example, if you have been working on a project for a very long time, it can happen that your point of view is stuck and you would not have noticed a mistake alone. With reflective and productive criticism, you can improve your own work and develop yourself personally. The same applies to appropriate criticism in your personal environment. Of course, it is not always easy to see criticism as something positive. Even so, you should try as often as possible. This saves you stress and opens up new perspectives. If you find a criticism inappropriate, feel free to let the other person know.


Humility is another value that defines integrity. Contrary to popular belief, this quality has nothing to do with submission. Rather, humble people accept external circumstances and realities as they are without being vocal about it. Humility requires a great deal of Self-discipline and on Respect for one's fellow human beings. Those who are humble do not see themselves at the center of society, but as part of it. If you are humble, you accept other opinions and meet other people on an equal footing. So you can discuss productively and quickly find solutions to any problems. Unlike narcissists, who consider their own opinion to be particularly important, humble people are open to change.


People of integrity do not flaunt their success. Of course, they too are satisfied with their achievements or even proud of certain things, but they enjoy themselves in silence and don't make others believe in their success. Instead, they concentrate on their next task and are more successful than some impostors. Modesty requires a great deal of Maturity. Only those who are mature enough and accept themselves as they are do not constantly draw public attention to how good they are. If you are really good at one area, other people will notice it by themselves.

Corporate integrity

Corporate integrity

Companies only promise their employees and customers the best. In some cases, however, not all promises are implemented. Integrity also plays an important role in companies, because with it they can convince and gain trust. Companies are guided by the values ​​that define integrity and promote them Personnel choice and Corporate culture. It is important that a company respects all employees equally, regardless of whether they are employees or managers.

If a company relies on integrity, it contributes to trust in the company and in the products it produces. So take care of open handling of mistakes to ensure that employees do not immediately fear being dismissed if they make mistakes. This leads to a more relaxed working atmosphere. Especially with regard to the quality of the products produced, the company should stick to its to keep a promise. Otherwise customers and employees will quickly lose trust and turn away from the company. A constant one communication with customers and employees is also very important.

The opposite of integrity is corruption. Unfortunately, this happens again and again in companies. Corruption occurs when an individual or a company does not allow itself to be guided by its own values, but rather Temptations expires on the own advantage is off or threatened becomes. In order to prevent corruption, rule violations with reference to the legal system are punished. Yet too many companies keep finding loopholes with which they can circumvent the existing rules.

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