What's happening in Iraq right now


Cologne / Bonn: restaurateur smuggles kilos of opium into sewing machines

A Cologne restaurateur is said to have been involved in smuggling several kilograms of opium into special sewing machines for wedding dresses. For this he is now indicted before the Bonn district court. A 46-year-old restaurateur has had to face the Bonn regional court since Tuesday ... more


Iraq is a state in the Middle East. In the north of the country lies Kurdistan, which has its own parliament and its own official language (Kurdish). The underground organization PKK is fighting politically and with armed force for the establishment of an independent Kurdish state.
The Islamic State (IS) has been a criminal and terrorist organization active since 2003. After conquering an area in northwest Iraq and eastern Syria, IS declared a state known as the caliphate on June 29, 2014.
Iraq borders Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iran, and the Persian Gulf.

Iraq: Missile attack on Baghdad airport

Missile attack in Baghdad: In the Iraqi capital, a US base has been shot at once again. Initially, no one acknowledges the attack. A base of US soldiers was missile on Friday night at Baghdad airport ... more

Will "Germany Nuclear Weapons Division" be on US terrorist list?

In Germany, the Federal Prosecutor's Office is investigating the neo-Nazi group "Atomwaffendivision", which spread fear with terror threats. Now even US sanctions are under discussion. German neo-Nazis come under pressure from unexpected sources: After terror threats ... more

Iraq: Missile attack on the base with US soldiers

The series of rocket attacks on US facilities in Iraq continues, this time a base north of Baghdad was the target. There are many possible perpetrators and motives. In Iraq, two rockets struck near an air force base carrying US soldiers ... more

Iraq: Missiles fired at US base

An American military base in Iraq has apparently been attacked. Ten missiles are said to have gone down. A person is said to have died. Two days before the Pope's visit to Iraq, a rocket attack on a ... more

Trial: Long prison sentence for alleged IS-Germany boss

Celle (AP) - Long imprisonment for the Germany head of the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS): The higher regional court in Celle ordered the 37-year-old Iraqi Abu Walaa on Wednesday for support and membership in the militia and terrorist financing to ten and a half ... more

Attack on US base in Iraq - dead civilian

Several missiles have been fired at the northern Iraqi city of Erbil. The projectiles were aimed at US soldiers. One civilian died and six other people were injured. Washington reacts indignantly. After an attack on the northern Iraqi city of Erbil with a dead ... more

"Islamic State": Black power is coming back

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Double attack in Iraq: many dead and injured in Baghdad

There was a serious attack in Iraq in which at least 28 people were killed. Nobody has yet confessed to the attack in Baghdad. In a serious double attack in the Iraqi capital Baghdad on Thursday at least ... more

Karlsruhe: A possible attack on the ice rink remains unexplained

In the process of a possible attack in Karlsruhe, the suspect was acquitted. He received a prison sentence anyway - but for a different reason. In the end, the doubts were too great: A 32-year-old from Freiburg was acquitted of the accusation ... more

Lübcke trial: victim of knife attack says in court

Before he is said to have murdered the Kassel district president, Stephan Ernst apparently carried out a right-wing extremist attack. The victim at the time now testified in the Lübcke trial. On the 25th day of the trial in the trial of the Kasseler murder ... more

Assassination attempt planned: Donald Trump threatens Iran with massive retaliation

According to media reports, Iran is planning an assassination attempt on the US ambassador to South Africa. In this case, Trump threatens a counterattack. Relations between the two countries have deteriorated since his presidency. US President Donald Trump has given Iran massive ... more