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Asian living style: the longing for peace and harmony

Furniture full of harmony: natural materials dominate the Asian style

The asian interior style is all about naturalness. This understanding is mainly reflected in the materials used for the furniture. In Asia, natural materials combine to create perfectly shaped furnishings. And so, in the Far Eastern tradition, furniture is often made of wood, if possible natural. For this reason, solid wood furniture is ideal for the Asian style of living. But also dark lacquered surfaces, as they are preferred by the Chinese, characterize Asian living.

Furniture made of metal or even plastic has in the Asian style of living that on naturalness is careful, nothing is lost. Furniture prescribed for the living concept is preferably made from Asian woods. Mango, elm and sandalwood are particularly popular for sweeping cupboards and tables with artfully curved legs.

Another material that dominates the Asian style of living is bamboo. And there are only symbolic reasons for this: Bamboo stands for luck in Asia. The natural material is particularly suitable for partition walls, which give large rooms a new shape - whether to separate individual areas or to hide certain elements behind them. The bamboo room dividers are usually covered with Shoji paper, which lets in a lot of light. Mats and lamps typically also consist of the Asians' good luck symbol, bamboo.

Other materials that enrich the furnishings in Asia are porcelain, whether simple or richly decorated, stones and silk. Flowers especially characterize the decoration. Next Lotus flowers the Asian style uses cherry blossoms and orchids. These can be found not only as motifs on pillows, pictures and the furniture itself, but also as artistic arrangements in large vases.