Is Japan really advanced?

Advanced courses

Japanese for advanced learners in Vienna

Congratulations - you have already successfully overcome the first hurdles - now it's even deeper!

In our Japanese courses for advanced learners, you will deepen your knowledge of Japanese grammar, vocabulary and characters. With the help of a wealth of different exercise materials, you will get an even better insight into Japanese culture. You speak better and better Japanese and you start to think a bit like a Japanese.

Our language courses for advanced learners are characterized by a particularly varied teaching structure:

  • Variety through a variety of practice-oriented exercise materials
  • Work with exciting videos and interesting reading texts
  • Conveyance of grammar knowledge to support language proficiency
  • Consideration and understanding of essential differences between German and Japanese
  • Insight into actual language and thought habits of the Japanese
  • Loosening up through playful learning

Requirement for participation in the course

You already have a basic knowledge of Japanese grammar, you can communicate in simple everyday situations in Japanese and you have mastered at least 150 Kanji (passive) as well as the syllables of Hiragana and Katakana.

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