Would dogs eat their dead owners?

Would your cat eat you if you died?

Admittedly, it's actually not a topic that one likes to think about. But maybe you've asked yourself this question before: Would your cat nibble at you after you died? The (perhaps not entirely surprising) answer from science is: Yes!
And the animals even seem to prefer certain body parts. Employees at a forensic research center in Colorado (USA) have discovered that wildcats tamper with their arms and shoulders first. However, these results were more similar to the behavior of bobcats than domestic cats, the article's abstract said.
Nevertheless, the researchers are also familiar with cases in which domestic cats have gnawed on the corpses of their owners: "Every coroner can tell of cases where a body was trapped with a pet and the owner sooner or later ate it," says the professor Melissa Connor, who collaborated on the study.

That pets eat their owners is "part of life"

Even Mikel Delgado, who studies cat behavior at the University of California, is not surprised by such results. She herself used to work in an animal shelter. A cat was once handed over there, the owner of which had died. "The report said that she ate the person's nose," she told the Washington Post. “It's not a behavioral problem. It's just part of life. "
Incidentally, people with an illness that can lead to sudden death are particularly “at risk” of ending up as a cat snack. If people then still live very isolated, it can happen that their pet nibbles on them.
And not just cats - previous research has shown that dogs, hamsters, and birds also eat parts of their deceased owners.