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Your-mother-jokes represent one of the most popular categories of jokes nowadays, which is partly due to the fact that they are generally a worldwide youth phenomenon and therefore almost every young person around the world knows this category of jokes.

Your mother jokes are basically structured in such a way that they only consist of a single sentence and aim at the mother of the other person, about which one makes fun of in an extremely absurd and exaggerated way in an ironic-pejorative manner makes.

Where do your mother jokes come from?

Presumably these jokes were created in Afro-American subcultures in the 1960s: Their origins were allegedly to be found in high schools in the USA, in which predominantly African-American students were enrolled. Scientists describe this phenomenon as "the dozens", although among young people it is better known under the terms "icing", "dusting", "ranking" or a variety of other terms.

A whole ritual was involved, which took place in the following way: Two young people stood facing each other and took turns trying to insult each other. The aim of each insult was either to outdo the previous insult in its significance or to reverse the insult to the opponent in such a way that it applies to him. Someone won either when one of the young people was no longer insulted or an insult caused so much laughter in the area that the author won because of it.

Even if the insults did not only focus on mothers, they were the main focus of most of the insults.

At first it was only assumed that this ritual was used by black youth from the lower class, but then it was found that it was also used by white youth from the American middle class.

In principle, many outsiders initially believed that these rituals were aggressive, whereby the young people involved always emphasized that everything was meant purely ironically and that no aggression was involved.

Your mother jokes in Germany

In Germany and the German-speaking countries, your-mother jokes have only been known since the late 1990s and are also used by many young people here. The Internet, which gained massive popularity among the general public around this time, also clearly contributed to this.

Subsequently, however, the media have certainly played their part in making your mother jokes more and more popular in Germany, as they have also reported a lot about them, whereby the frequent use among young people also ensured this has that this joke format has been used more often in the media.

Subsequently, there are also some comedians and companies in the German comedy landscape that include your mother jokes in their programs or marketing campaigns, such as Cindy von Marzahn, Carolin Kebekus or the German party? ŽDie Gr 체 nen? œ in their 2011 election campaign in Rhineland-Palatinate. In addition, numerous different smartphone apps related to your mother jokes have been developed.

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