What are Hollywood's Kickass Movies

Nicolas Cage in the comic adaptation "Kick-Ass"

Los Angeles - Hollywood star Nicolas Cage is a die-hard ex-cop in the comic book "Kick-Ass". As the film magazine "Hollywood Reporter" reports, director Matthew Vaughn wants to shoot in London and Toronto in the fall. Comics creator Mark Millar's template revolves around a rather feeble high school student who would like to be a superhero. He falls into the clutches of brutal criminals. British actor Aaron Johnson plays the schoolboy, Lyndsy Fonseca his girlfriend. The former cop (Cage) wants to hunt down a drug lord and uses his daughter (Chloe Moretz) who is drilled to kill. Cage can next be seen in the flick "Bangkok Dangerous" on the big screen.

"Don McKay"

Thomas Haden Church ("Sideways", "Spider-Man 3") is shooting the low-budget drama "Don McKay" with Elisabeth Shue. According to Variety, filming has already started in Boston. The project, estimated at five million dollars, will be staged by Jake Goldberger based on the script he wrote. The story revolves around a man who tragically had to leave his hometown and is embroiled in dramatic events on his return home 25 years later. His great love is dying and he gets caught in a web of deceit and murder. In addition to Church and Shue, Melissa Leo, M. Emmet Walsh and Keith David also play.


Ben Affleck wants to support Jason Bateman ("Juno") in the comedy "Extract". According to "Variety" Affleck will play the best friend of Bateman's main character. Bateman, on the other hand, plays a career guy who suddenly experiences a hard crash landing in his professional and private life. Things go wrong in his factory and his wife has an affair with a gigolo. Clifton Collins Jr. plays a factory worker who loses a body part in an accident at work and sues for damages. The creator of the TV satirical series "Beavis & Butthead" and "King of the Hill", Mike Judge, will direct the film. He also wrote the script. Most recently in 2005, Judge released the comedy "Idiocracy" starring Luke Wilson. Affleck made his directorial debut last year with the film "Gone Baby Gone".


Scottish playwright David Harrower will adapt his award-winning play "Blackbird" for the screen. As "Variety" reports, he wrote the script himself based on his 2005 drama. The story revolves around the sexual abuse of a twelve year old by a grown man who is caught and goes to jail. 15 years later, the victim confronts the perpetrator, who has since been released, with his crime. In 2007 Hollywood star Cate Blanchett directed the play at the Sydney Theater Company. In May her production was performed at the Ruhr Festival in Recklinghausen. (APA / dpa)