Why do some Chinese have bad mouths

The Chinese etiquette: You should definitely know these rules of conduct

  • Body and eye contact

    Physical contact is more likely in China avoided, especially for people who are new to you. For this reason you should Hugs, kisses on the cheek or one friendly touch of the arm better avoid. Long eye contact is also not common in China. With physical contact in the subway or in Crowds you have to come to terms with

  • gestures and facial expressions

    Never show with that finger on one person. This is - similar to ours - perceived as extremely impolite. You should also be with your Feet Do not point at anyone or move objects in this way. A smile You mustn't misunderstand in China either. People often laugh in uncomfortable situations in order to relax them.

  • Excessive self-confidence

    Most Chinese are more likely reserved and understated rather. So avoid showing off things!

  • "No"

    You will rarely hear a direct "no" in China. Mostly the Chinese choose one polite description of the word. You should definitely pay attention to this.

  • photos

    Before you take a photo of a person, you should definitely ask beforehand. Also find out where photography is allowed and where not. At Airports and in Temples this can happen often.

  • Specific topics of conversation

    Themes like Politics, human rights or religion you should rather not address. You will only get annoyed reactions. You should also avoid disreputable topics. In some parts of China it is common for you to meet immediately after your first meeting Relationship status, salary or other things that are more sensitive in Europe. This is only used to establish contact and should not be misinterpreted by you. If you don't want to answer that, try to find a polite way of describing it.