What makes a guy hot right away

10 things that make every man really hot

Lull in bed? Or do you fancy a little variety in everyday life? Or maybe a new crush that you want to seduce? No problem at all - if you manage to make a man really hot, you can wrap him around your finger in no time and feel like a queen in bed. But what are men really into? And what do you have to pay attention to so that the dream date in bed does not turn into a disaster?

How to make a man hot Tips for foreplay

1. Make man hot by SMS

Men want to conquer. That's why it's important that you don't make it easy for him. Let him fidget a little. For example, send him some hot text messages in the morning telling him what you plan to do with him in the evening. He won't be able to wait to see you and make it with you.

2. Make it hot by phone

Tell him on the phone that you are not wearing any underwear. He'll be at your home in no time.

3. Sex outdoors

Ask him if he would like to have a sex date outdoors, for example in the woods or in a meadow. He certainly won't be able to resist.

4. Seducing with phone sex

Whisper into the phone how badly you want to make love with him now. Then you withdraw. No matter what is still on his diary today, he will probably delete it. Because dirty talk definitely makes most men hot.

5. Sentences that make him hot

Tell him about yours most secret sex fantasiesin which he is the hot hero. He will do everything possible to fulfill these erotic fantasies for you.

How about, for example, "Honey, do you want to watch me masturbate with my new toy"? On amorelie.de there is now 15% off our absolute favorite toys with the code exclusively for fem readers LOVE YOURSELF. However, it is important: whether alone, in twos or threes, have the sex that you enjoy - maybe soon with your new favorite toy.

Make friend hot during the act of love

6. Moaning during sex

Groan during sex his name. For him that is the icing on the cake during the act.

7. Talk about sex fantasies

Ask him about his fantasies and say that you want to experience them with him. This is a tingling adventure for both sides.

8. Integrate blowjob into lovemaking

Just before he climaxes in the act, interrupt the spectacle and enchant him with a blowjob.

9. Look him in the eye

When you give him a blowjob, look him long and deep in the eye. This will make every man's deepest dreams come true.

10. Determine the pace of sex

Give that tempo during the act and increase very slowly. Just before orgasm, you can let him take control. His lust can hardly be stopped. Tip: around the Rhythm in sex The equestrian position is particularly useful. In this sex position you sit on your partner and have control over how quickly or slowly you move. Shortly before the end you can switch to a position like doggy style, in which the man sets the pace again.

11. Draw blank

It might sound a bit clumsy, but almost no man can resist a good striptease. Just put on your favorite song and slowly start to lose one item of clothing. This is not only fun for your sweetheart, but also for you.

The editors' conclusion

You see, it's actually very easy to make a man really hot. Which tips you implement into reality is of course up to you. As always when it comes to sex, the same rule applies here: only do what you feel like doing. In any case, men only get really hot when women are having fun!