What is the advantage of studying business administration

There are many prejudices, is it worth studying business administration?

Students ask:

There are so many prejudices about the business administration course. According to the motto "If you don't become anything, you become a business economist" - and after that you end up as a taxi driver anyway. What do business administration students say about it? Is it worth studying business administration and do you get good jobs afterwards?

Students ask - students answer

Julian, graduate of the Technical University of Munich:

The professional areas of employment for business administration graduates are diverse. Every company needs well-trained businesspeople in the relevant corporate functions. In addition, the business administration offers various minor and technical subjects Focus. This gives students the opportunity to specialize in business administration and to shape their career start.

Ramona, student at the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences:

I think one Business Administration Studies is still very worthwhile today. With this degree you can actually work almost anywhere and (in my experience) have a much better chance of finding a suitable job than, for example, people who have studied art or literature. The internships accompanying your studies allow you to make good contacts with companies and give you the chance to look for a potential employer at an early stage.

Christian, student at the University of Duisburg-Essen:

The following applies here: It always depends on what you make of it! Similar to law and medicine, business administration offers the decisive advantage that it is a form of theoretical professional training. Since the "Bachelor-Master reform" at the universities, the subject has, at best, overflowed in some Bachelor courses. For Masters courses the admission requirements are regularly tightened.

Business administration offers good to very good career opportunities to those who ...

  • work well and continuously in order to acquire the theoretical knowledge you will need later at university and to achieve good grades.
  • complete internships regularly! It should always be noted here that trainees gain years of experience in companies, while academics focus on studying for years. Without practical experience, many university graduates have great problems getting used to during their probationary period. Working as a student trainee in a company is also highly recommended. If you work 1-2 days per week, this is well compatible with your studies.
  • always ask yourself in which areas there are gaps in knowledge. Later employers require very good theoretical skills, very good English skills, very good IT skills (especially Word, Excel, Power Point), a good understanding of numbers, resilience, willingness to work and willingness to learn.

Sandra, graduate of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences:

Yes, many study business administration, but there is also a corresponding job offer. However, in order to set yourself apart from the crowd, you should score points with good grades and commitment alongside your studies (internships, working student activities). However, it also depends on the degree of specialization. Most of them study with a focus staff or marketing. In my experience, it is more difficult to get exciting, well-paid jobs here.

Johannes, student at the Nuremberg University of Applied Sciences:

This question is highly dependent on the specialization chosen. Business graduates with a focus on financing and taxation are in great demand in many companies. Students specializing in marketing, for example, will find it more difficult because here the demand for jobs is higher than the supply. Every student is therefore advised to stand out from the crowd. This can be done through scholarships, outstanding achievements, Internships and stays abroad or through internships at large companies. In addition, a master’s degree should be sought after the bachelor’s degree in order to increase the chances of a good job.

Sarina, student at Coburg University:

The prejudice that many study it is true. But this is exactly what it looks like in the industrial engineering course. Business administration is good because you can first get a taste of many areas and then decide what you want to do in the end. But because many study it, you should perform well in order to stand out from the crowd. What the job As far as that goes, many companies want to see experiences, so some internships should be done. In my opinion, it does not depend on whether you are studying business administration or not, but what you have achieved in your studies.

Alina, dual student at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences:

It always depends a lot on the focus that you take in your business studies. For those who tend to see themselves in the field of marketing, it is sometimes more difficult because many study this area. In contrast, the areas are Controlling or Taxes / Finances always wanted a lot. The advantage of studying business administration is that you can theoretically work in any profession in business, because despite the focus you first learn general business administration and thus gain insights into each area. Of course, it also depends on the region in which you are applying with your focus. Flexibility and willingness to travel are more and more required in today's economy. In business administration in particular, you get advantages through a dual course of study, as an employment contract is concluded with a company at the same time and you also do an apprenticeship there. But this is a very time-consuming and exhausting course of study. If you don't mind a little more stress and a little less student life, I would definitely do that in business administration dual form recommend.

Isabell, student at the FH Würzburg-Schweinfurt:

Of course, studying business administration is worthwhile. It is a good line-up for the beginning without having to commit too much to a certain direction, although right after graduation you may not even know where exactly you should go in the field of economics. You can then specialize in the last two semesters, with the bachelor thesis or the Master's degree in connection.

Nabil, student at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences:

Definitely worth it. The university education to become a business economist has a general structure and offers a student many options for setting priorities. Business students are more in demand than you think!

Annika, student at the University of Potsdam:

Everyone who is told that you are studying business administration brings the slogan "oh yes, everyone who has no idea what they want to do is studying business administration". Some of them do, but the majority of business administration students study this subject out of real interest. Business administration has so many facets and it is great that you first get basic knowledge and then can delve into your area of ​​interest.

Career start thanks to business studies

In any case, a look at the diverse career opportunities and salary prospects should show you how useful a degree in business administration can be. After all, starting a career with or without a degree can make a significant difference. Nowadays it is difficult to find your way to a good job area without training, studying or something similar. A business administration course is very popular and, accordingly, quite a few graduates join the labor market, but there are just as many areas of activity for young business professionals.

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