Can meditation improve intelligence

MemoWork method can increase intelligence

The study

The COGITO study is the largest and probably most informative study in the field of brain training to date. 101 young adults between the ages of 20-31 and 103 seniors between the ages of 65-80 have performed brain training on the computer in 100 training sessions of about one hour each. A training session consisted of 12 tests; 6 on the ability and speed of comprehension, 3 on the use of working memory and 3 on the ability to remember. The test subjects completed such a training session every 2-3 days. What is new about the study is that no typical IQ test tasks were used.

The focus of this study was the question of whether one also improves general cognitive abilities with the improvement of the individually trained areas, and how these improvements depend on the age of the test subjects. This goal is also known as the transfer effect or generalization. The difficulty of the tasks was individually adjusted so that everyone worked at their own performance limit.

Incredible results

A significant increase in cognitive abilities was found, even with tasks that had never been trained before. In particular, improved working memory, viewed by scientists as a source of fluid intelligence, was noted. We need this when planning, understanding complex issues and learning new things. Contrary to the experts' expectations, the improvements in this area were significantly high for both the boys and the elderly.

Our recommendation: The MemoWork method

Thehigh-intensity MemoWork method- a method that was specially developed for training your working memory together with the Free University of Berlin. This method with special exercises creates a 4- or 8-week training plan for you that will lead you to success. TheEffectiveness has been tested by studies and comes with a money back guarantee. Dr. For example, Susanne Jaeggi demonstrated numerous positive effects for the "Dual-N-Back" exercise principle used there. The entire training plan was even used successfully in a study by the Free University of Berlin. You too can use your working memory and therefore yoursintelligence noticeably improve!