How do I clean in this drain

Clean clogged drains with home remedies

At some point it happens: the drain is clogged, nothing flows out. Many then first resort to chemical agents to rid the siphon of hair and debris.

But that doesn't have to be the case, especially since the chemicals used pollute the environment. In extreme cases it even becomes even worse: The lump can grow out due to the heat generated by the chemical helpers Hair, grease and soap harden even more in the clogged drain.

Instead of chemical cleaners, we offer you a selection Home remedies that can help clean the drain. But since home remedies do not work in all cases, we also reveal how you can mechanically clean the clogged drain.

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Five home remedies for clogged drains

Instead of using the drain cleaner from the drugstore, you can clean the clogged drain with home remedies. These are cheaper and less harmful to the environment.

  • Clean clogged drains with baking soda and vinegar: Put four tablespoons of baking soda straight down the drain and pour half a cup of vinegar afterwards. You should now hear a bubbling or gurgling sound from the drain. As soon as the noises have stopped, rinse with plenty of hot water.
  • Clean clogged drain with baking soda: You can use the same amount of baking powder instead of baking soda. Do the same as you did when cleaning the drain with baking soda.
  • Clean clogged drain with detergent: A quick remedy for light clogging in the drain is available directly at the sink: Put three tablespoons of washing-up liquid down the drain and pour a cup of boiling water afterwards. Leave everything on for ten minutes and rinse the drain with hot water.

Clean clogged toilet with home remedies

The drain in the toilet can also clog. This is particularly the case with old toilets, where over the years lime and urine scale deposits are added to the narrow pipes. But even the clogged drain in the toilet can be cleaned with home remedies.

  • Clean clogged toilet with cola: Pour a bottle of cola down the toilet and leave it on overnight. The ingredients in the lemonade can help loosen limescale and dirt deposits.
  • Clean clogged toilet with a denture cleaner: Put some denture cleaner tablets straight down the toilet drain. After half an hour of exposure, you can scrub with the brush.

Clean the blocked drain with the suction cup

When draining in the shower or bathtub, it is more difficult to clear the pipe of blockages, as in this case it is difficult to reach the pipe. Then only the good old rubber suction cup will help.

  1. To do this, glue the overflow airtight with insulating tape or plug it with a rag.
  2. Give something Soapy water down the clogged drain, press the suction cup on.
  3. Move the Stalk the drinking bell up and down until the blockage clears.

Free the clogged drain with the spiral pipe

If the suction cup is not enough to clean the clogged drain, you can reach for the spiral pipe. It lends itself to persistent blockages to eliminate. When using it, however, care should be taken to prevent the cloggedDrain pipes not damaged become.

The spiral pipe is available from specialist retailers or on the Internet. It is a one to two meter long metal shaft. A crank is attached to one end and a brush or some kind of drill head is located at the other end.

  1. Slide the spiral pipe carefully down the clogged drainuntil they feel the resistance of the constipation.
  2. Rotate the crank and push the spiral pipe with it gentle pressure against the constipation.
  3. Keep working until you feel the Constipation gives way. However, this can take a while, depending on the degree of pollution.
  4. Carefully remove the spiral tube and flush the clogged drain with hot water out.

Protect yourself from germs when cleaning the drain. You can find inexpensive hygienic gloves here:

Drain clogged: remove siphon

If all of these home remedies don't work, you'll need to clean the siphon to clear the clogged drain. Here we explain how to do it.

  • Remove dirt from the clogged drain: First, use an elongated brush to clean the clogged sink drain as best you can. Then it is the turn of the siphon.
  • Remove the siphon: The siphon is located below the sink. First, place a bucket underneath to catch water. Now screw on the two locking rings with a pipe wrench. Now you can remove the bent piece of pipe.
  • Clean the siphon and replace the seals: Remove the blockage by hand, optionally you can use rubber gloves. Use the brush to thoroughly clean the inside of the pipe. You can also use new seals on this occasion. You can get this at the hardware store. Then screw the pipe back on tightly.

Clogged drain: prevention

To avoid using the home remedies in the first place, you can take precautions so that the drain does not clog.

  • Drain strainers prevent hair, dirt, and food debris from going down the drain, where they can cause clogs.
  • Dispose of Crumbs and table scraps not in the drain, but in the garbage can.
  • For drain valves with wing plugs, you should regularly Remove dirt and hair.

If no method of cleaning the clogged drain is effective, seek help from a professional: the plumber has the expertise and tools to quickly clean the clogged drain.

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