Who is your favorite green lantern

Up and down the streets ...

the lanterns light up again:
red, yellow, green, blue,
dear Martin, come and see.

Yesterday we decorated the children's room with homemade lanterns from the last few years. Unfortunately, one is missing because it got soaked in the rain and the current Martin's lantern will stay in kindergarten until tomorrow's move. Of course, we added the two pictures of my older son right away.

In the afternoon we had little Martinsmännlein with a cup of cocoa. OK, no comparison to my beloved pretzels (I repeat myself, I know), but they were actually really delicious.

Have a nice Martin's day!

We decorated the boy's room for Saint Martin with self-made lanterns from the last years and two paintings from my oldest son.

I bought the yeast dough men for my little ones today. It is a traditional pastry for Saint Martin's day here.

Have a nice Saint Martin's day!

Kind regards, Nadine

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