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Weaning treatment

1. The most important things in a nutshell

With substance-related addictions, i.e. dependence on

  • Alcohol,
  • Medication and / or
  • Drugs

weaning treatment can be granted as outpatient or inpatient therapy. Weaning treatment is part of medical rehabilitation and is covered by health or pension insurance.

2. Responsibility of the cost bearers

Weaning treatment is part of medical rehabilitation and is covered by health or pension insurance. There is a special one for the practical delimitation of responsibility for drug-related diseases Addiction agreement:

  • The Health insurance
    is responsible for the Withdrawal treatment (in the hospital), i.e. for the acute treatment of toxic-related failure states (threatening comatose states, risk of delirium, psychiatric complications) and for voluntary withdrawal treatment of addicts. No prior application is necessary.
  • The Pension insurance
    is responsible for the Weaning treatment in rehab facilities that follow withdrawal treatment. Affected people should learn here to remain abstinent over the long term. The aim is to reintegrate into professional and social life. Weaning treatment can be carried out on an outpatient or (partially) inpatient basis and must be applied for in advance.

If the insured person does not meet the personal and insurance requirements of the pension fund, then this is the case Health insurance also responsible for the withdrawal treatment. Details under Medical Rehabilitation> Responsibility and Requirements.

3. Application

The application forms for withdrawal treatment are available from pension or health insurance institutions and from addiction counseling centers. Addiction counseling centers can help with filling out the forms and submitting the application. In addition, a current medical report and a social report from the addiction counseling center are required.

In order for withdrawal treatment to follow withdrawal as seamlessly as possible, the application must be submitted in good time, at least 7 days before withdrawal is ended.

4. Duration

The duration of treatment depends on the medical need and is usually several weeks or months.

5. Co-payment

Payers Health insurance: For outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation measures, € 10 additional payment per day, limited to 28 days per calendar year.

Payers Pension insurance: Outpatient rehabilitation measures are free of co-payments; for inpatient rehabilitation measures € 10 per day, limited to 42 days per calendar year. If the withdrawal treatment immediately follows an inpatient detoxification, the additional payment is € 10 per day, limited to 14 days per calendar year.

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Sources of law: § 40 SGB V - §§ 15, 32 SGB VI